Improving English skills with English language Immersion

Learning a new language means a lot more than studying grammar and vocabulary in a book. You need to hear the language as much as learning its rules, speak it, live it… The most effective way to learn a language so that you can use it in your everyday life is immersion

What is it?

Language learning immersion is the most natural way of learning a new language. Not only it means to live in the country where that language is spoken - this would be ideal, but sometimes we don’t have the possibility to move on those countries - there are also other ways to immerse yourself in another language without leaving your town.

What are the advantages of English Language Immersion?

Not only - as we’ve already mentioned - language immersion is the most natural way of learning a new language - whatever it is. It also makes learning fun and a lot easier.

The traditional way of learning English - the one that I was taught - was through learning grammar rules and words by heart. This can be extremely boring and it’s not motivating at all; you can lose interest very quickly. Plus, a lot of people find difficult to learn grammar rules of their own language - how can studying another language’s rules be the most effective way to learn a language?

English Language immersion provides more motivation being - at the same time - an easier process. 

Do I need to move to another country?

Living in a country where English is spoken would be ideal, but there are a lot of other ways to get immersed in a language. In the case of English, you can watch English-language movies, listening to music, reading English-language books, and more. It could be difficult at the beginning, but - you’ll see - it would become easier and easier, and you’ll witness your English improving without even realizing it.

Effective ways to improve English skill with English Immersion

i. Look for English people in your area and talk to them

If you don’t have the chance to move abroad - or take a vacation in an English-speaking area - look to tourist areas near your town. English people love to travel - if your town is a tourist destination you could have a great chance of meeting English-speaking people and practice your English with them. 

It’s not rare to speak English even with non-native English speakers - so you can have high probabilities to have the chance to practice your English with tourists.

ii. Prepare English food

This would not only be a chance to get immersed in the English culture: you’ll need to find a recipe in English, understand what you’re reading or listening to, and cook an English meal. If you do this a couple of times a week, you’ll see that in a short time you’ll have zero difficulties following a video-tutorial or reading a recipe in English. You’ll have improved your skills without even noticing.

iii. Listen to English Podcast

Podcasts can be a useful tool to listen to English speakers talking. Once again, you may find it difficult at the beginning and understand half of what they’re saying, but with time it’ll become easier.

iv. Change the language on your phone

Set up English as your phone language. You’ll be reading English every day and this is exactly what we mean for English immersion!

v. Plan immersion days

If you don’t often have the chance to practice your English, plan immersion days. During those days, watch an English-language movie, chat with an English-speaking friend (there are online platforms that can help you get in touch with native English speakers), read on listen to the radio in English.

English Language Immersion is the most natural and effective way to learn and improve your English. If you are studying English at school or you’re taking courses, still we suggest adding immersion days to your learning process. 

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