Tips to Improve your English Skills

Learning a new language can be challenging and it can be a long process. During the path anything can happen - you can lose interest, lose motivation, get distracted by the other things you’re learning and doing. Sometimes, you can feel like the more you’re studying the less your learning. This probably means that you’re not studying the right way. 

English-learning books or courses sometimes are not enough. You need to get surrounded by English-spoken/written content and practice every day. In this article, we want to share some tips that can help you improve your English skills and help you learn the language while also having some fun.

i. Speak a little every day

The only effective way to improve your English spoken skills is to speak! Commit to practicing as often as you can, possibly a little every day. If you’re learning in your country and you can’t get the chance to meet native English speakers, consider joining an online community of learners.

ii. Learn phrases rather than single words

Learning a list of words by heart can be useful only when you are a complete beginner. As your skills improve, stop focusing on single words but learn phrases. 

iii. Listen and read

Through books and courses you can learn grammar rules and improve your vocabulary, but you’ll need to increase the number of words you know and can understand every day. The most effective - and fun - way to do that is watching movies, reading books, listening to podcasts. Choose the type of content you’re most interested in and simply enjoy it.

iv. Switch the language on your phone, Pc, and tablet into English

The best way of practicing English every day is by switching your phone, PC and tablet’s language into English. You probably use one or more of these devices every day so every day you’ll be practicing a little of English.

v. Writing comments in English blogs

Writing is an important aspect of learning a language, but sometimes it’s hard to get the chance to write something in another language. Most of learners write in English only when they do their homework. This can’t be enough, plus, homework are boring. Try writing comments in English blogs. Find a blog about a topic that interests you and try to interact with other English speakers through the comments section.

vi. Join an online learning community

There are a lot of platforms available online that connect people who want to learn foreign languages from any part of the world. Join one of them and find one friend or more with whom you can chat. This is an easy and fun way to improve your writing skills - it can be also very motivating. You’ll be basically improving without even noticing. The same you can do to find someone to video chat with so you could also improve your speaking skills. Interaction with other people is in general the most effective and motivating way of learning a new language.


All the tips we’ve mentioned could be reduced to one: practice. Whatever chance you have to read, write, speak, or listen to English content, take it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and practice English as much and as often as you can.

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