3 popular English Learning video channels you should check out

When it comes to learning the English language, many great options exist. However, for those who spend a lot of time online, you might want to consider checking out English learning video channels. What, though, are the best channels to tune-in to?

The top three English learning video channels online

1. Bob the Canadian

The first place we recommend you start when looking for English learning video channels is with Bob the Canadian. An affable and friendly individual, Bob has made a great name for himself. Bob is a High School teacher based in Toronto, and has become well-respected within the English language learning community. 

A friendly personality paired with excellent learning tools makes Bob the ideal learning partner for most people. His videos tend to focus on everyday scenarios, and builds up confidence in using standard, everyday language. On top of that, Bob throws in some great explanations for more complex terms, phrases, and words within the English vocabulary.

For that reason, he is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an easily watchable video. Bob’s videos are high-energy, hugely-positive, and a happy mix of entertainment and education.

2. EnglishClass101

Although some can find the marketing approach of EnglishClass101 a touch grating, what you actually learn makes this very worthwhile. EnglishClass101 has become hugely popular for people who are on the lookout for polished, educational videos. And yes, this is additional content to sell an English learning course – however, the videos are entirely free to watch and are packed with useful value.

They are great for understanding the challenging grammatical and common terminologies used within the English language. If you are trying to find videos that focus more on the challenging intricacies within English, then you can learn a lot from this channel.

It’s a good video selection, and while the sales pitch can make it hard to feel too endeared with the actual learning content is sensational. If you are looking for English learning video channels that are packed with information on hard-to-grasp English language subjects, this should definitely help. 

3. BBC Learn English

Of course, you might want to stick to a more ‘official’ source than the above duo – and that is fine. In that case, be sure to check out the BBC Learn English channel. This is a tremendous place to learn more about English, and is part of the UK-wide state broadcaster so the production values are brilliant.

On top of that, these videos are professionally used and are typically used in many learning environments. This includes things like improving your accent, English test preparation, and great videos about important subject matter.

Most people can learn from this as the professional tone and punctual length of the videos ensures you can pick up a lot of learning with ease. This is also great if you are primarily aiming to learn UK/British English as opposed to the Americanised equivalent, as the BBC is obviously based in the United Kingdom.

Each of the above English learning video channels offer a great way to start learning more about English. It is a hard thing to get right, but the above courses all provide informative, enjoyable, and accurate content that you can watch on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with ease. 

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