5 Best Free Dissertation Writing Software for Windows

Writing your dissertation might be a process that you feel stressful and overwhelming. And indeed, it can be this way if you do not know where to start. Your dissertation or thesis is a paper of utter importance you have to write as you approach graduation and the end of your studies.

So, you want to do it right. But you feel your skills might not be as sharp as needed, so you might need help. Well, you should know that there are a lot of tools and software that can help you write a powerful and compelling dissertation. Some of them are used by every dissertation writing service that understands the importance of delivering top-notch and original papers. So, what is the best dissertation writing software for windows? Read on to discover.


Grammarly is one of the most helpful tools used by students, educators, researchers, and writers alike. It is a tool that helps you deliver a mistake-free dissertation, as this is essential requirement professors have. You just have to copy-paste the text in the app and make a few settings or selections. For example, you could choose the tone of your paper. You could choose if you want the paper to be formal or informal. Grammarly will highlight grammar and spelling errors.

But it will also give you rephrasing options and suggestions to make your dissertation more concise. They have a free version available, but you can also sign up for the premium one that comes with more features. Grammarly is like a real-time editor, one that can spot if you have plagiarized or if you have used language that is not inclusive and discriminatory.


Evernote is one of the best dissertation writing software for windows you clearly need. As you will engage actively in the process, you will go through many stages. However, a thing that remains constant is that you will take notes. When you research, you take notes.

Some ideas might strike you when you are commuting or attending an event, so you would want to have all your notes in the same place. Well, Evernote is the app you were looking for. You can take notes and organize them however you want. The best thing about it is that you can add photos or video or sound recordings, you do not have to necessarily write your thoughts.


If you feel writing your dissertation takes a lot of time, you could use Otter.ai. Sometimes, you might find yourself thinking faster than you can write. And this can make you lose your train of thought. So, Otter is the app that writes for you. You just have to speak instead of write and you will have all your thoughts there.

This is exceptionally helpful in moments when you cannot write too. For example, you might be driving or stuck in traffic and you want to note some of your ideas on your dissertation topic. Just speak to Otter and then you will find them stored in your account.


Writing a dissertation is not only about writing but about argumenting your thoughts and backing them up with facts. Sometimes, you may need to add charts or graphs. A visual way of conveying the message is always efficient, so you can include it in your dissertation.

But many students might feel they do not have the graphic design skills they need to design something eye-candy that transmits exactly their ideas. So, you can use Canva to design anything you want. It is a web-based app that allows you to design infographics, charts, logos, and many more. And you do not need to have previous experience, as with a simple drag and drop, you can build your design. There are a lot of templates you can choose from, some of which will inspire you.


Last but not least, Mendeley is a dissertation writing software for windows worthy of this top. Every part of your dissertation is essential, but the citation and reference one is crucial. Many students lose points because they did not reference or cite correctly.

So, to not put your academic progress at risk and get a poor grade, you could use Mendeley. Is a completely free software that builds your reference list automatically, so you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Final Thoughts

Writing a dissertation can turn out to be a challenging process. You want to write a powerful one, without any grammar or spelling mistakes, that comes with a good grade too.

You could use these software apps that help you deliver an original, smooth, and logical dissertation. They can also help you convey the message, cite appropriately, and keep track of your notes. All these are essential for a compelling dissertation, so use them freely.

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