5 Reasons to Start Learn a New Language in Closeted World

In a certain sense, since the start of the global pandemic, we all appeared in a closeted world where our plans have been changed by leaving us sad and helpless. Still, one can always start learning a new language as a way to feel confident. Even if you can’t travel for some reason, it is still a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and make new friends even without leaving the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can use it as a special mental therapy that will make it possible to take your ideas to another level and grow both as a professional and as a person. 

5 Reasons to Start Learning a Foreign Language in a Closeted World

1. You Can Start a Multilingual Blog 

It will always be based on your interests and passions, which means that you can make your ideas heard and appreciated by people from all over the world. You can approach an online translation agency to get your website localized or your blog posts translated. By doing so, you will make new friends and will improve your social skills. As you start learning a foreign language, you will quickly become a part of the industry you would like to enter because you will learn how things are done all over the world and what things help people to achieve success and recognition. 

2. You Can Work as a Freelance Expert 

As you start with a new language, you can use it as a way to boost your career opportunities. You can always focus on your professional field by starting with the basic course and then proceed to get the certification. It will help you to start working as a freelancer regardless if you are a video game developer or fashion designer. 

3. New Self-Education Opportunities. 

Learning a foreign language is the start of a great journey called inner growth and global recognition. Start with the list of e-learning opportunities that will always increase the more you know about international cooperation based on your skills. You will instantly feel the major difference in perception of this world. Even if your physical or mental opportunities may be limited, it does not mean that you cannot travel through the books as you learn a foreign language! 

4. Foreign Online Courses. 

Another important benefit and a reason to start with a new language is additional access to online studies abroad. For example, if you would like to study in Germany by learning more about their automotive industry or engineering, knowing the basics of German will help you to understand the subject. Moreover, it will make people appreciate the effort and talk to you differently! 

5. International Volunteering 

Living in the closeted world, you may be unhappy about what you see and hear around you, yet learning a foreign language can help you become the change you want to see. Remember that you can participate in volunteering and work by using your computer. The opportunities are truly endless and it is something you should consider. Starting with environmental issues to the education of young girls in India, you can learn a foreign language to change this world and make a significant difference. 

Closeted Life Makes People Feel Inspired

Without a doubt, the majority of people choose the closeted way of life because it is the only way they can find some peace and focus on creative work or scientific research. It also helps to find inspiration and think differently. Learning a foreign language in such an environment is even more beneficial because you can still use various language learning apps like DuoLingo or HelloTalk free of charge. 

The purpose is to talk to foreigners the way that fits you and learn. It can be anything from basic text messaging to audio-only or video conferencing. The best part is that you can stop as soon as you need some rest and make amazing friends from all over the world! 


As an avid explorer with a linguistic background, Melony likes to travel the world with the help of technology and learning about different cultures. Her posts contain great ideas and inspiring solutions. Follow Melony to learn and take your ideas to practice. 

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