Slang is a vocabulary that is used between people who belong to the same social group and who know each other well. Slang is an informal language. It can offend people if it is used about other people or outside a group of people who know each other well. We usually use slang in speaking rather than writing. Slangs can be longer expressions and idioms and sometimes looks like some unbreakable code used between a group of people or social group.

Get ready to hear new meanings for words you thought you knew. Here are some of the most common slang words used in the English language today:

1. Lit: The slang lit has a long history. Its earliest meaning is “intoxicated”, and that shows up in English as far back as the 1910s. 

Now, lit is something very good, enjoyable, or exciting, you can say “lit”. This expression can be used to describe anything awesome, and dope.

Dude, the party last night was lit! where were you?

2. Yep and Nope: Yep and Nope are informal ways to say “Yes” and “No”. They are usually seen as friendlier alternatives. You should use them anytime you want a friendlier nature to come out of your voice.

A: Everything ready for your trip?

B: Yep, can’t wait to leave!

3. Just Kidding: This is used to indicate a statement that is not meant to be taken seriously. When you want to have fun with friends and it’s typical to joke and even make fun of someone, in a nice way of course. In English, there are various ways of saying that you’re joking, such as:

I’m just kidding.

Just pulling your leg.

4. Dunno: This is a very common contraction of ‘I don’t know’. Though it’s something we can only say and not write. For example,

A: what are you doing this evening?

B: Dunno. Probably just stay in.

5. It sucks: An expression of frustration, annoyance, and/or disappointment. It is used to express that something is bad, you can use this phrase. For example

A: How was the movie last night?

B: It really sucked. I didn’t even stay until the end.

6. What’s up? Used as a friendly greeting and to ask someone how they are and what is happening. For example,

A: Hey Pablo. You’re looking miserable. What’s up?

B: I didn’t get that job I applied for, so I’m a bit fed up.

7. Hang out: A favorite place for spending time or a favorite place frequented for entertainment or for socializing. For example,

A: What are you doing this afternoon?

B: I think we’re going to hang out at Tom’s house.

8. Grand: As well as meaning magnificent, the word ‘grand’ can also be informally used to mean ‘thousand’. Alternatively, you can also say ‘k’ (12k = 12,000). For example,

A: How much did you pay for your new car?

B: Ten grand. It was so originally up for sale at 12,000, so it was a real bargain.

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