A funny list of "True Meanings of Common Idioms"

One of my favorite entrepreneurship blogs, A Smart Bear, posted a list of "The True Meaning of Common Idioms". Check them out - they're good for a laugh.

I've seen lists like this before - comical explanations of what certain phrases "really" mean. A quick example:

"To be perfectly honest with you, ..."
-- Everything I said before this moment was bullshit.

The reason that these kinds of lists are funny is that we all know that some of the things we say aren't very honest, even if you're not lying on purpose. People sometimes say things that sound one way but really mean something different. This is something that I try to keep in mind when I'm explaining phrases for the site. I always try to consider whether a phrase might mean something different from what it appears to mean.

Anyway, enjoy the idioms and make sure to read the ones in the comments too! If you're an English learner and wondering what some of those comments mean, you can ask me here.

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