A new look for PhraseMix.com!

If you're a regular PhraseMix reader, you've probably already noticed that things look a little different.

This is a redesign that we've been working on for many months now. The main goals of the redesign were:

1. Make the site easier to read and navigate

We made the page wider, made the text bigger, and made the design simpler so that you can focus better on the content. We also improved the navigation, especially for mobile devices. Check out PhraseMix.com on your smart phone or tablet and see how much easier it is now to navigate!

2. Improve the audio player

The audio player has gotten an upgrade. Visit the Sample Player to see for yourself. Here are some cool things that you can do now:

  • Use the keyboard to play, pause, and skip lessons (Press the <space> bar to stop and start, "]" to go to the next item, and "[" to go back.
  • Click the progress bar at the bottom of the page to skip around in the audio file.

3. Explain PhraseMix more clearly to new visitors

When you visit the home page of PhraseMix.com now, you'll see a clear explanation of what PhraseMix is and how it helps you to learn English. This is important for new visitors. Of course, you can still read the latest lessons by going to "Free Stuff > Lessons" or bookmarking this link: http://www.phrasemix.com/examples

Your feedback is welcome!

Do you have strong feelings about the new design? Love it? Hate it? Have you found something that's broken? Please let us know, with as much detail as you can, on the Contact page or just leave a comment here in this blog post.

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