Best Foreign Language Learning iPhone Apps in 2021

When it comes to learning a new language, there are many reasons to do so. For professionals, it provides a way to connect with other people and find more opportunities to grow. For travelers, it gives them a way to get to know a place and a culture more deeply. And for students, language learning is a great way to get accepted into foreign study programs more easily.

Luckily, these days there are many language learning apps available. These are an excellent source of knowledge and can help all kinds of users learn a new language. "Apps designed for teaching new languages are the perfect tool for students who wish to learn on the go. They can quickly and effectively teach someone the basics of a new language, helping them be more social and learn more at the same time in a new country", says Scarlett Hobler, a education expert at PapersOwl who is also involved in higher education for foreign students. So, if you're interested in language learning iPhone apps, you should try some out from the list below and see if one of them fits the bill for you.



Learning a language is made easy with Duolingo thanks to its game-like interface. Users have to get as many answers right as they can to progress and gain 'XP'. The more XP they earn, the quicker they progress with their learning. The app teaches users to read, listen, and speak new words regularly. It uses speech recognition to help you practice speaking different sentences and phrases which is perfect for language education.

This app can be used for free with ads to learn anything from French, English, and Italian to Japanese, Korean, Turkish, and Chinese, among many more options.



This is one of the best iPhone apps for languages. It lets users learn many different tongues by utilizing principles of repetition and completion of sentences. Users are also allowed to set their own goals and track their advancement across devices. There are some standalone apps that each focus on a single language so users can download a complete resource based on what they wish to learn.

It costs a monthly subscription of $11 for every new tongue you wish to speak. While it may be expensive compared to others, it's one of the best language apps you can use on the iPhone.



For learners who rely on image-based courses, this is a very strong platform. It uses various real-life images to help users associate certain words or phrases with the actions or items shown in the images. When you successfully understand a new word, the app then quizzes you every now and then to help you remember.

You get one lesson for free to test out the software. If you like it, you can upgrade to a Pro Plan and start learning more languages.



One of the best language learning apps is Mondly. It combines various features in one platform to help users get good at speaking a new tongue. It uses a colorful interface that teaches you new vocabulary and sentences by using images and other aids. The way that the instructor teaches sentences is melodic, which helps users recall them more easily.

You can start using this language learning program for free and get many features. However, if you want the full version, you'll have to pay $480. This version also gives you access to lessons for kids.



One of the most effective ways of learning languages is to talk with native speakers of that tongue. HelloTalk lets you do just that. It connects users with native speakers of more than 150 languages and lets them share ideas while getting language learning tips from natives. This is a language learning app that gives users a natural way for language exchange. All you need to do is match with a person and start talking!

You can use this top language learning app for free.



If you like the Rosetta Stone app with its structured way of teaching, then you will love this one. When you sign up, it will ask you what level you are with the tongue you wish to study and why you wish to study it. Then, it will create a proper study plan for you and help you with your target language in a very structured way. It uses images, speech recognition technology, and other helpful features to improve your pronunciation and listening skills, among much more.

The free version of this software does not offer some features like the creation of a study plan. To get such features, you have to pay $6 a month for the Premium plan.



Lirica is the best iOS app for learning a foreign language if that language is Spanish. What makes this the best language learning app for this tongue is that it uses popular Latin and reggaeton music to help you remember vocabulary. The app offers a unique way of learning by doing this. It includes information about the culture too, giving you a well-rounded experience.

You can try this program for a week without paying. After that, you have to invest $4 per month to use it.


These have been the best foreign language learning iPhone apps in 2021 that everyone should at least try. The best app for you will depend a lot on what feature you like more and what kind of lessons the app is offering. But whether you are a visual learner or you want a structured plan, you will surely find at least one offering in this list that meets your needs.

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