Best Web Series to Quickly Upgrade Your English

Best Web Series
We are always on a lookout for an interesting and fun way to learn a language or improve the existing one. Well, there are a bunch of methods available. One of the most unique and fun methods is watching a TV series. With these web series, you can get a better grip over language without even realizing it.  

So, here is a list of 7 best web series that can help you upgrade your English level and show off your new and sophisticated vocabulary to your friends. 

Tip: When you start watching these shows, you can turn the English subtitles on. With time you’ll start understanding further, then you can turn them off. 

Do not forget to train at least half an hour twice a week. Be assured, the results will follow sooner than you know. Now, let’s get started, and take a look at some web series to upgrade your English language.


Kiara, who offers online assignment help sydney, says that for her Friends means memories. If you haven’t yet watched this series, you are missing out on something major. The show revolves around the life of six friends from New York City who have been successful in making us happy for a decade. And guess what? Friends is back on Netflix. So, if you want to take a cultural expedition to the 1990s, and simultaneously improve your English, you should watch Friends. This show is number 1 in our list because it has a simple plot and the dialogues are also precise and slow. Friends will help you learn some old-school vocabulary, get familiar with English speaking, and memorize a few useful and everyday sentence structures. 

The Big Bang Theory

At number 2 on our list is an original and a modern show, The Big Bang Theory. The plot revolves around the lives of four geeks. Every episode in the show is full of humour, and there are light and funny situations to keep you entertained. It is a great show for learning some basic English that you can use in your day-to-day life. In addition to it, you’ll also pick up some scientific or engineering vocabulary. There will be times when you will experience that the characters are speaking a bit too fast. Don’t let this discourage you and turn on the English subtitles. If you miss out on something, you can always pause and then go through the moments again. One thing that stands out about this show is that you can pick up different accents because of the presence of multi-cultural characters of the show.  

The Office

Honestly, for beginners or intermediate English learners, understanding the British accent is not easy. Linda, who offers online economics homework help, says that The Office has helped her dramatically improve her listening comprehension skills. It is easily the most hilarious and addictive show that you’ll ever find. The Office is a classic series that revolves around the everyday life in an English office. This British mockumentary is made in a way that you’ll think that there’s a camera that follows the employees all day long. The winning quality of the show lies in its British humour.  

Mad Men

Sophie, who studying Engish, says that since she already had a great command over the language, she started watching the Mad Men recently, which is an excellent show for advanced English learners. The characters in the show are likeable, and their acting is very natural. However, in this show, the characters don’t speak as clearly or as slowly as in the other sitcoms like the Big Bang Theory or Friends. Since the show is set in the 1960s and revolves around the New York advertising agency, you can pick on some retro marketing and English lingo. The good thing about this show is that once you begin to understand the words, you’ll get hooked to the show. 


If you want to work on your Business English, you cannot ever find a better show than Suits. It is an incredible show for people who have an interest in law or legal affairs. The plot of the show revolves around a former student who tries his best to not get arrested when concluding a not so legal deal involving the drugs. Fate brings him to one of the best lawyers in New York, the legendary Harvey Specter. The journey and the friendship of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter is a delight. At times, you’ll face a bit of difficulty in understanding a few legal terms, but then that’s the point, right? Sonya, who is an English teacher, says that Suits isn’t the perfect show to learn English word by word, but it is certainly a great show for people who wish to learn some Business English.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your TV and get watching.

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