Career opportunities for Economics majors in 2022

Many of the world's most prominent social and economic issues are rooted in economics, such as labour, hyperinflation, starvation, environment, universal healthcare, social justice, and class and gender disparity. Successful approaches to these challenges need extensive economics knowledge. 

The study of economics cultivates a wide variety of problem-solving and analytical abilities. Economic analysis improves your ability to comprehend and influence today's modern key issues.

As part of the broader education, a major in economics is highly regarded in many industries and businesses. Prospects for economics graduates are relatively impressive in financial services, management consulting, law, media, and political administration. 

International students seeking to pursue careers in economics have a variety of choices. A degree in economics can prepare you for a variety of well-paying and rewarding professions, ranging from government and nonprofit work to business and teaching. 

We will look at just a number of the various economics professions below.

  • Policy Analyst

If you want to use your economics degree in administration, being a policy analyst is a wonderful path to take. Policy analysts investigate, review, and analyse laws, programs, and other activities to assess or forecast implications. With your study, you may potentially be able to influence proposed legislation. 

Economics majors who will become policy analysts can put their education to good use by working for all branches of administration, lobbying companies, nonprofits, research institutes, and a variety of other groups concerned with public policy.

  • Commercial banker

Commercial banking primarily offers services for the financial requirements of major organisations. The industry provides financial support such as savings, lending, and fundamental investing to companies or individuals. Commercial banking occupations involve a wide range of specialties, including relationship management, strategy, business expansion, and financial analysis. 

These positions need excellent interpersonal skills as well as the capacity to maintain personnel or clients, so they are best suited to individuals who understand how to encourage people.

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  • Actuarial Analyst

Actuarial analysts analyse exposure using statistical equations in spreadsheets and specialised software, then provide statistical information that non-specialists can comprehend. Actuarial analysts often are specialised in insurance, investment accounts, worker's compensation, etc. Identifying and mitigating risks necessitates a wide variety of skills and expertise, encompassing capital management, liability management, and mathematical skills and statistics.

  • Auditor

Auditing is among the most prominent professions. An auditor's primary responsibility is to assess businesses and organisations financial state and accounting. 

In other words, people seeking this field will need to gather data and determine whether all financial documents and declarations are legitimate, accurate, and supported by the evidence. So, if you really are interested in analysing the inner workings of any element of a business, this is the profession for you.

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  • Product analyst

Product analysts are essential elements of a product development team whose objective and shared obligation is to promote their company's growth and assist them in enhancing their competitive standing by developing user-friendly, lucrative products. 

To do just that, they need to study industry information and collaborate with various stakeholder groups to improve learning about a product's market and business objectives. A product analyst's everyday job responsibilities include determining the intended marketplace, competitive price, and inventory levels for a soon-to-be produced or upgraded good or service and presenting leadership with extensive and verified product development and market risk assessments.


The following are examples of some outstanding job opportunities for those majoring in economics. Understand that your degree does not always decide your professional path. Graduates apply their courses of study to a wide range of professional vocations. 

The alternatives above could be used as a preliminary step to study various professional pathways; however, you could wish to do further research to obtain a more thorough list of job opportunities. Remember that further learning, certification, and practical education outside of your degree may be required to pursue these opportunities.

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