Common non-traditional ways to practice a language

Learning a language is one of the hardest things you can do as an adult. Retaining vocabulary in another language is challenging, particularly when you aren't using it in your day-to-day life. However, there are non-traditional ways to learn a language that may help it stick in your mind.

Recipes and Cookbooks 

A great way to get used to another language is to use recipes or a cookbook in that language. Most of the language learning process is in a structured environment, but using it in your day-to-day life helps you retain that information later. You can buy many different cookbooks in various languages online, so you can pick the cuisine that suits your dietary needs. You can even try to learn how to make the local cuisine for the country whose language you're learning!  For example, if Spanish is what you are going for, then you need to look out for the best spanish cookbooks that you can buy and start following at home. 

Playing Online Games

Another great way to learn a language is to set the language of your favourite online games to the one you're learning. Changing the language of your game is particularly useful if you already know what the majority of the text means from before. You get to see the translated version while knowing the original, making it easier to understand and remember. This can be done with most games, whether console games, mobile games or even online casino games. In fact, one could even try to navigate through informational pages, game pages, and login pages like the Platincasino login by setting the page to a translated language of their choice. 

Sing with Karaoke

If you're not afraid to be on stage and sing your heart out, singing karaoke in your new language helps you remember common words and phrases. There's something about a melody that helps people retain information, which is why it's used so often in schooling. It enables you to remember the language you're learning and puts you in touch with the culture, giving you a unique perspective on the world. Karaoke songs are easy to remember and can be practised all the time, wherever you are.

Follow native speakers on social media 

One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture of that language. A great way to do that without leaving the country is to follow native speakers on social media like Youtube and Instagram.. We spend hours each day on our phones, scrolling through social media, so why not use that to your advantage? By following native speakers, you will see a lot more content in the language you're learning and become accustomed to seeing and understanding it in everyday life.

Change language on your phone 

Another way to immerse yourself in the language you're learning is to change the language settings on your phone. Whether it’s on IOS or Android, language can easily be changed and set from the settings menu. Just like the previous example, we spend hours of our day on our phones, even longer than we do on social media sites, so reading another language for that time will significantly increase your ability to understand it. This also gets you familiar with common words that you'll use all the time, so you will only spend time learning useful phrases.


Learning a language will take time, effort, and dedication. However, if you use some of our helpful tips, you may learn your language quicker, have more fun doing so, and find yourself speaking fluently in no time!

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