Common Online Gaming Vocabulary

Like any other pastime activity, Gaming uses lingo that newcomers may find confusing at first. 

Plenty of today's most-played online games require players to work together and coordinate their actions with those of their opponents, all while racing against time. The more you know about gamer terminology, you'll enjoy playing popular games. This article will look at some common online gaming vocabulary most gamers use. 


The term ‘area of effect’ is used to describe assaults and powers with a wide influence range. This contrasts powers like rifles, which can only hit a single target. A circle or some other visual cue will usually denote the area where the ability is active.

Payment Method 

This means the method by which a player can fund their casino account. Online casinos may accept various payment methods, including major debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, and electronic wallets. 

Other casinos, such as Ignition, are even accepting cryptocurrencies. Australians can now play Ignition Online Pokies using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


The acronym GG is widely used in the online gaming community. A ‘Good Game’ is an abbreviation commonly used after a game to demonstrate good sportsmanship.


This abbreviation means Downloadable Content, which refers to extra elements that may be downloaded inside the game, such as avatars, gadgets, outfits, stages, and other objects. Different downloadable content packs have different pricing structures.


Good luck and having fun is used to politely wish rival competitors well at the outset of a competition.


The term ‘role-playing game’ encompasses several different types of video games. RPGs are typically story-heavy games set in expansive landscapes, where you fight monsters and complete tasks to improve your character's abilities and acquire new gear. It's not always obvious how to classify a role-playing game. 


Be Right Back is helpful to know if you have to run to the bathroom or get a drink. Apply AFK (Away From Keyboard) to let the game know you'll be absent for a while.


Changing a character's skin only alters their appearance; it has no functional impact on the game. Skins are virtual costumes that can be purchased with real money or earned by achieving certain levels of excellence in a video game.


Computers, bots, and CPUs are all names for the same thing: opponents in online games that aren't actual humans. The game settings in several multiplayer games can be played solo, with others, or with the computer.

The alternative is to refer to a player as a ‘bot,’ which is a derogatory term. When a player consistently performs at a deficient level, the term ‘bot’ could be used to describe them.


Camping means staying in one spot for an extended period instead of constantly moving around. This strategy is used by ‘campers’ to gain an advantage over their opponents. Famous examples include first-person shooters played online, such as Call of Duty.


The jackpot is the money up for grabs if you win the said game. There are two types of jackpots: those that are set and those that increase over time. A fixed jackpot has a predetermined cash award. A progressive jackpot rises over time thanks to the combined wagers of many bettors at the same casino and other establishments offering the same game.

In Australia, bettors can enjoy the hundreds of jackpot slots available at Ignition Casino, with more added regularly.


A ‘sandbox game’ is a free-form video game in which users can take on whichever role they desire. Games like Minecraft are excellent examples of sandbox titles. Still, others with a lot of flexibility for the user, such as Grand Theft Auto V, are also occasionally categorized in this way.


A 'buff' is a modification to a game that increases the strength of a player's avatar or weapon. A ‘nerf’ refers to the inverse of this. The name ‘nerf’ originates from a line of nonlethal toy firearms.


The acronym XP refers to experience points, a standard improvement metric in several media. In most games, increasing a character's level grants access to higher-level abilities, more significant stat improvements, better weaponry, and so on.


When players find an element of a game to be overpowered, they may refer to it as ‘OP’ short for ‘overpowered.’ As the term implies, an OP weapon is the one everybody chooses because it is superior to every other weapon.

Final Thoughts

The vocabulary that is used by the gaming community fluctuates and alters as new games, updates, and upgrades are launched. It's easy to get dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference guides online, and websites are handy for keeping up with the latest developments in the gaming community.

The scope of the video game industry makes it hard to compile an exhaustive glossary of the various terms used in the industry. You may not have known these terms before, but you should now have a firm handle on general gaming terminology and more specialized vocabulary. There may likely be jargon unique to the genre or title you're interested in learning. You can find a genre you like by trying many different ones.

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