Five Reasons Why You Should Pursue an ESL Certification

Language is perhaps the most crucial aspect of human existence. It defines a culture and aids in communication. Without language, people cannot communicate their sorrows, desires, and intentions. Yet, most people don't appreciate language.

As a language teacher, you play an essential role in helping your students express themselves through language. You also help them to thrive in other subjects by understanding language. Language shapes students from an early age and allows them to succeed in school and their careers.

Research has shown that students who learn English as a second language have better reading skills than most native English-speaking students. This shows the importance of ESL certification. An ESL certification equips you with the right tools and skills to teach English to K-12 students near you or globally.

If you want to know whether you should get an ESL certification, keep reading to discover five Reasons why an ESL certification is essential.

What is an ESL Certification?

With the number of English language learners set to grow by more than 25% in the US public schools by 2025, it is essential to understand how to get an ESL certification. An ESL certification proves that you have what it takes to teach English as a second language.

Usually, ESL teachers teach English to foreign language speakers in public schools, online, or community programs.

If you wish to gain an ESL certification, you must apply for an ESL teacher degree through your state-approved teacher preparation program. Both graduates and undergraduates can apply to get an ESL certification. Your state may have multiple programs to cater to various requirements for an initial ESL certification or an advanced ESL endorsement.

Luckily, almost all states offer ESL certification as an initial license. However, most states tend to award an ESL certification to certified teachers in a common teaching area. It is best to note that each state has its own ESL qualification requirements.

The state boards in each state set these requirements for initial or advanced ESL certification. Therefore, you must check your state's board of education to determine if you meet the requirements and qualifications.

Popular ESL programs include the Master of Arts in Teaching that will prepare you to teach ESL to learners of all ages in the US. This program also equips you with skills to teach ESL globally. You can complete this program within 12 months.

Campbellsville University also offers ESL certification for P-12 students, secondary school students, and masters on TESOL. Liberty University offers a Bachelor of Education in ESL and an undergraduate certificate in ESL.

Other ESL certification programs include Greenville University, Capella University, and George Mason University. These institutions offer Master of Education programs.

Licensed teachers seeking ESL certification can do so by joining an independent ESL certification program or graduate certification program. However, you need a bachelor's degree to join these programs. Those who are about to complete their master's degree can join a graduate-level certification program.

Reasons Why You Should Get an ESL Certification

Teaching ESL comes with several benefits and opportunities. Here are five reasons why you should get an ESL certification.

1. Make a Difference

Teaching ESL gives you the chance to impact many lives. You will be interacting with foreign-language speakers daily in your classrooms, and you can change their lives forever.

By teaching ESL to your students, you can shape their understanding of cultures and social interactions. These aspects shape the learning process. As you interact with these students daily, remember to motivate them to take proper steps to advance their language skills.

Moreover, you will learn effective instructional methods to help your students succeed and understand English as a second language.

2. Endless Career Opportunities

The demand for ESL teachers is at an all-time high. This trend might continue over the years as more foreign-language speakers move into the US. Modernization has also led to the rising demand for ESL teachers.

With multiple options to choose from, you will have the liberty to select the ideal position for you and your loved ones. For instance, you can choose to teach ESL in schools near you if you don't want to move to another country.

You can also choose to teach ESL online if you don't want to interrupt your lifestyle. An ESL certification can also open your doors to travel and teach ESL abroad.

3. Become a Source of Motivation

Seeking an ESL endorsement can be a source of inspiration to your students. Your students might be encouraged to embrace lifelong learning when they discover you are advancing your skills.

When you become an ESL teacher, you should embrace continuing education to advance your skills and gain additional experiences and skills. As you pursue continuing education to promote your professional development, your students are likely to learn from you.

Above all, you will become a better teacher and open your doors to better-paying ESL opportunities.

4. Become Adaptable

Technological advancement and diverse student needs have changed the way you used to do things. Teachers now must adapt to new teaching and learning styles to meet their students' needs. Getting an ESL certification allows you to interact with each student on a personal basis. This helps you to identify their challenges and backgrounds.

When you are aware of each student's challenge, it becomes easier to create a personalized teaching program for all your students.

5. Enjoy More Flexibility

ESL certification is for you if you are looking for more flexibility in your career. As a certified ESL instructor, you can choose where and when to work. You can even decide to teach ESL online from the convenience of your home or anywhere in the world.

Moreover, you will have the freedom to be creative when creating your lesson plans. This is not possible with traditional subjects. Also, transitioning from another career to ESL is easy.

Getting an ESL certification will open your doors to more opportunities and career fulfillment. You only need to choose an ESL certification program that suits your specific needs and interests.

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