Good English learning habit: carry around a piece of paper

I find that I forget a lot of what I learn. Do you have that problem?

For example, if I watch a movie in a foreign language, I usually hear a few interesting new phrases. If I'm paying attention, I might even think, "Hey, I should remember this for later!". But a few minutes later, it's gone. If you ask me the next day, I probably won't remember what even happened in the movie, much less any new words or phrases :)

Ah, if only there was a way to record what I've learned and save it for later...

Wait! There's is a way to do that! In fact, it's an extremely simple technique. Just make sure that you have something to write on. Then develop the habit of writing things down.

I like to carry around a really small, thin notebook that fits in my back pocket.

Even better might be a folded-up piece of paper. The important thing is to keep it somewhere where you can pull it out quickly, like in your pockets.

Don't worry about taking long and in-depth notes. All you need is a few words or sentences to remind yourself. 

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