How should I use PhraseMix Premium?

Congratulations! You have a Premium membership. Now what? 

Here are some Premium features that you should try out:

The Phrase Mixer audio review tool

An audio player on each Lesson page

Downloads of weekly collections of lessons

Member-only articles 

The power to create new Discussion topics

And this is how I suggest using the full PhraseMix Premium experience to improve your English:

1. Read to understand

When you first come across a lesson, read it over to understand it. 

Read the explanations for each phrase. You might not understand everything perfectly, but that's OK. Just figure out what the sentence means and why the speaker uses each phrase.

2. Listen to memorize

This is the important part! Now that you've learned a little about the sentence, it's time to make it stick to your brain!

Think of each sentence as a song or a bird sound instead of as words. Don't say the words you hear; copy the sounds.

Keep listening. Listen 20 or 30 times, until you remember every word. There's a "repeat" button on the audio player that will help you with that. Leave the page, come back the next day, and listen some more.

After you first learn a lesson, the Phrase Mixer will keep track of it for you. It will play the lesson for you again soon when it's time to review it.

3. Use to master

Once you've memorized a sentence, it's yours. Go out into the world and use it.

You'll start to notice phrases from PhraseMix lessons in different situations. Sometimes they'll be used exactly as they were in the lesson. Other times they'll be used a little differently, and you'll learn a little bit more about that phrases.

If you notice something that's interesting or confusing about a phrase, search for it on PhraseMix and ask a question in the comments!

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