How to memorize vocabulary: 8 methods to master new English words

One of the main directions in the study of any foreign language is supplementing the vocabulary. Even perfect knowledge of grammatical and pronunciation rules will not help to communicate in English without the necessary vocabulary. In this article, you will find effective ways to memorize English words in the shortest possible time!

Which ways to memorize English words to choose

First of all, it is necessary to understand what difficulties may arise when remembering English words. Mastering each new concept requires knowledge not only of its translation but also perfect pronunciation. Any inaccuracy can distort the meaning of the original word, as a result of which to gain understanding from native English speakers you are unlikely to succeed.

When English words are memorized, connections are created in the brain neurons, thanks to which the learned information is preserved. However, in the absence of the necessary support, these connections can break up. However, if you need to write a business letter in English or a resume, but you don't have enough knowledge, it's best to contact an essay writing service. In this case, you can expect to get a quality job done by professional writers.

Each person's memory may vary according to the prevailing method of obtaining and storing new knowledge. This may be the case:

  • visual memory (visual);
  • auditory memory (auditory);
  • kinesthetic memory (tactile).

In specialized literature and on the Internet you can find many ways to memorize English words. You need to choose the right one for you and do not forget about the motivation.

Top 8 effective ways to memorize English words


This method of memorizing English words is quite simple both at the preparation stage and during implementation. Taking small pieces of paper (the denser, the better), write down on each of them a word to remember and its translation on the backside. The size of such cards will allow you to take them with you and go back to repetition again and again in your spare time. You can also write down on the cards the most used stable expressions, words on different topics, etc. Repeating information regularly with this technique helps to improve memory performance.

This way of memorizing English words is perfect for kinesthetics and visuals. Do not despair if you have no talent for drawing. Strange or awkward pictures make the human brain to concentrate on them, and this helps to better absorb the information.

Cards with English words and phrases should be constantly carried with you, returning to their memorization in every free minute. In transport, in a queue, while waiting for a movie in the cinema, view them, read and remember the meaning. If there are difficulties, you can always see the translation on the back of the card.

Label all objects around you

Look around you and you will see the items that belong to the most frequently used vocabulary of English (and any other language). Sign their names in English. Even without spending time memorizing these words, a week later you will operate on them. If your level of English is above average, you can make the task more difficult and add others to these words, thus forming the most commonly used expressions. This technique is an effective way to memorize English words for visual artists.

Background method

The purpose of this method is to prepare an audio recording of foreign vocabulary and its translation. You can also use a voice recorder. The volume should be equal to 30-40 words and no more, otherwise, the brain will stop receiving new information. You can listen to the audio recording repeatedly at every convenient moment, using headphones, for example, during household chores or in transport. This method will help you remember English words and their translation.


Memorizers are a great way to memorize English words, which is equally effective for both children and adults. It consists of creating small poems in which the necessary vocabulary rhymes with words in the native language.

Such poems seem at first glance meaningless, but their rhythm contributes to high-quality memorization of English words.


The method of artistic Association as a way of memorizing English words contributes to their assimilation by creating vivid images in the head. The more original the image, the more successful the process.

Mnemonics can be attributed to quick ways to memorize English words, the main thing is to find a suitable artistic image.


You need to write down new vocabulary again and again. This proven method of memorizing English words can be called quite boring, but this does not make it less effective.

Synonym method

This method improves the process of memorizing English words by expanding the synonym series. To write a new vocabulary it is recommended to start a separate notebook. For each word studied, select as many synonyms as possible and repeat them regularly.

Memorizing English words using the synonym matching method helps you improve your speech, increase your vocabulary, and speed up playback.


For those who have a fairly high level of knowledge of a foreign language, reading is the most appropriate way to memorize English words. With the help of books, you can expand your vocabulary by marking and writing out the vocabulary that is not yet familiar. While reading, you learn the meaning from the context, and English words themselves become your passive stock. But to fix them in memory, you need to use additional ways to remember them.

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