Learning Made Fun: How Online Tutors Can Engage and Motivate Young Students

Online learning is becoming popular amongst all students. Everyone benefits from online learning, from preschoolers to first graders to college students. When it comes to tuition, after the pandemic, online tutoring is gaining more traction. The reasons for this are:

No traveling time

Flexible timings

Help with homework


These benefits make online tutoring a viable option for students from all walks of life, backgrounds, and classes. As a tutor, you benefit too from online tutoring. For instance:

You have flexibility: The schedule as an online tutor is flexible. You can teach from home and for hours of your choosing. It is best for people with family and responsibilities.

Teach globally: Being an online tutor means no geographical restraints. You can teach students from other cities or countries if you want to.

Though you might have one question in mind. How to make online lessons engaging and motivating for students. Right? One way is to reward them, as it increases their morale. What are other ways you can motivate and engage learners? Read below to find out.

Make learning personalized

Personalization is necessary when it comes to online tutoring. It is one of the best things that keep them engaged. For instance, if your young learner is not great at reading, the course should be personalized for this. For example, a tutor for 1st grade will focus on the areas the kid is lacking in, like math or science, and will create learning according to the kid's age. A tutor for students with ADHD will come up with an approach that makes learning easier for them. In short, personalization is necessary. It also means coming up with strategies that make lessons easy to understand. You take an approach that allows the child to learn more with natural motivation. For instance, using visual aids to teach math, like numbers, works better at keeping students engaged. Personalization also means taking a test approach that suits the child's needs. For instance, you can ask questions or give the student a written test based on their capabilities.

Make the classroom interactive.

A classroom that's not interactive doesn't engage students. Even if you are in university and taking online tutoring, you need interactive classrooms. If there is a two-hour lecture, students will doze off. The same is true for young learners. They are still learning to sit still for an hour. So, if your class looks boring, it will not engage them further. Interactive classrooms refer to how you conduct the class. For instance, asking the students questions throughout the class helps them engage. You can even ask young learners to recite any poem they know or more. They will pay more attention in class when they know there will be quizzes.

Be enthusiastic

It is a cliché, but it is true. If you are not enthusiastic about teaching, the student will know that. On the other hand, no matter how excited they are about the class, if the tutor prepares a dull lesson, it will not help. Therefore, make the lessons interesting. Link the things you are learning to real-life examples. Have discussions, ask questions, and more to keep the students interested in the class.

Reward them

Want to keep the students motivated to keep coming back for online tutoring? Or to do well in class? Then reward them! It increases their morale. For students doing good work, it provides increased motivation. But for others, it shows your trust in their capabilities. Rewards can be as easy as praising them for their work. Or you can reward the young learner by telling a story they love.

Pop quizzes

Surprise tests and quizzes keep students on their toes. It motivates them to be on top of their studies. If your online tutoring class has more than one student, make it a competition. Otherwise, reward the student for performing well on the quiz.

Ask for feedback

You give them a reward to motivate them. Similarly, asking them for feedback helps the class. It makes it interactive and engaging. You also learn whether your teaching style is working with the students.

Online learning is tricky, but making your lessons interactive and personalized helps. Doing these ensures the children engage with the lessons. Also, motivate them through rewards and praise to ensure online tutoring benefits them fully.

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