Listen to the lessons

You might have noticed that there's a new feature on PhraseMix. You can now listen to every key example sentence if you sign up for PhraseMix Premium

Learn more deeply by memorizing sentences

I provide explanations of different phrases with every PhraseMix lesson, but that's not really the main point. As I've explained before, I think memorizing sentences is extremely useful. The sentence is a "hook" which can remind you of all of the points that you learned in the lesson.

But memorizing a sentence just based on its written form is tough. Really, our eyes aren't made for learning languages. Our ears are.

Memorize PhraseMix sentences with audio recordings

Until now, you haven't been able to hear what a lesson sounds like. You just had to guess, or ask a friend

Now there's a recording for every key example sentence. The audio is included right within the lesson, so you can read the sentence, listen to it, read about the situation, and learn more about each phrase - all on one page!

If you want to listen to all 1,700+ lessons, please sign up for PhraseMix Premium: is still the site you love

If you aren't able to afford PhraseMix Premium, that's OK. You can still continue to read new daily lessons like before. You can still ask questions. And you can also listen to a few free sample recordings here: There will be new free lessons added sometimes, so keep checking back there. 

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