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Moving into the casino scene or playing a new game without knowing the particular jargon and other terms is a quickly daunting experience. And the purpose of our Ultimate Gambling Glossary is to fill that gap. This glossary is a one-stop information for you to catch up with different terms, phrases, meanings, slangs, definitions and even the abbreviations used in online gambling chats. For those who want to know more about gambling, they should visit the website of Casinofy since it is one of the best places for this intention. It offers an in-depth walkthrough on the best online casinos with juicy bonuses, a wide spread of games, and the different payment options available.

Advantage Player 

Advantage players use many tested methods to get an upper hand in playing against the candle. These strategies embrace the essence of the house edge in all casino games and improve the return to player, RTP, which in turn boosts their winning potential. In order to exploit their advantage, some players might decide to adopt unethical methods like card counting in blackjack tables, which is something that follows red light for the casino staff. In a bid to get a better position certain craps enthusiasts might sometimes resort to dicing tricks to land on individual numbers. In baccarat, an "advantage player" could exploit slight flaws present with the cards to make conclusions about the ending of a hand or the introduction of a new deck, which could be beneficial to such a player.


Ante is a fixed betting requirement needed as a prerequisite for players to receive their cards. For widespread poker variations like Caribbean Stud Poker, the rules of the game stipulate that players place a small bet at the beginning before any hands are dealt. In most cases, this ante adds to the total pool of the pot. After that, a usual round of hands is made followed by the bets.


The banker is the dealer. He deals the cards, collects the chips for wagers, and makes the decisions on whether the rules were followed. In baccarat, participants can gamble on the banker or bet on the banker to win. The banker’s bet has a house advantage of 1.06% for versions like Punto Banco.


The bankroll is the number of funds their player has at their disposal and use for slot games, table games, sports betting, and the rest of their casino activities. If you’re a high roller, you have more freedom to play a big game, some risky bets with a bigger chance to win the jackpot and sometimes a side bet, which increase your winnings. On the other hand, for the majority of players it is prudent to deploy minimal wagering so that the present action would be followed by some smooth-sailing bets with a continuous development.

A real money online casino offers daily, weekly, and monthly the casino bonus as the way of assisting is to members with their bankrolls. They also have no-deposit bonuses where new players receive free play which can be used to win real money at the tables and more. Trial plays and the welcome  bonus are most likely for the slot machines.

Blind Bet

In Omaha and Hold ’em poker variants, after the ante bet, players are required to bet before they even can see their cards. The big and little blinds are the fundamental gambling words which successful poker players have to learn well.

The small blind is a bet that the first player to the left of the dealer needs to make before the cards are dealt. Normally, the player wagers approximately half the minimum bet with the small blind, which can be a few dollars.

The player who previously has placed a small blind now must place this kind of a wager before the players get their cards. For the main part, the player delegated to put the big blind usually has to place it equal to the table’s minimum bet. The player in the first round of playing acting as the big blind, if there hadn't been any raises, folds, or calls, is able to view and check flops for absolutely free.


Done by many but achieved by only few, bluffing serves as the equalizer in poker When it is done well, this can bring the game to an end with the bluffer prevailing over other opponents by convincing others to fold. The bluffing implies a betting of a significant amount of chips even though the player has a weak hand to provoke other players to fold. Although the success of this strategy will prevent you from losing a considerable amount of money, it on the other hand can also result in losing a large wager if the bluff is revealed.

This is the point where poker players who are committed to the game give long hours to study and to learn to read the body language and attitude of the opponents. They painstakingly look at the moves and the responses of their opponents and then let their bluffs out following the exact timings, this makes bluffing a great feature of advanced poker.


In the games like Omaha Hold'em and Texas Hold'em there is always a community board usually consisting of dealt face up cards, all players can use them. In doing so, these board cards allow the players one more effort of collecting the best hand at the end of the game.


The casinos provide users with bonuses as inducements for both freshbies and the regular players to get in with a play-incentive in mind. Such incentives regularly have an offer of a matching deposit bonus which is in the range from a certain percentage of a player's initial deposit or, in some cases, a player's first, second or weekly deposits during a certain period of time. And also there could be extras such as free spins regardless or without requiring a deposit or compensation within the first 24 hours of play for losses.

Burn Card

In card games, dealers may presumably discard specific cards that are from the deck that are known as burn cards. Aside from the act of ditching the Jokers in almost all poker versions, which is the only one version apart from video poker, the role of burning the cards in which the same will entail not using cheated or marked ones, boosts the safety of the game.

If there is misdeal, the dealer can retain the authority to safely discard these cards from play. Casinos consistently seek to support fairness in all moves, which at times calls for dealers to be sharp at identifying such cards that are to be removed.


Each cash cage can be found at all land based casinos; this is where players can trade their slot machine tokens or chips for cash or vice versa. Some online gambling sites offer users the convenience to use a cash cage without ever visiting the physical casino and deposit and withdrawals are solely carried out virtually, without cash-transactions.

Card Counting

The procedure of card counting enjoys a questionable position in the casino phraseology. The counting strategy, on the other hand, is a method used by players in table games such as blackjack to determine the chances of specific cards being dealt after "certain" cards have already been dealt. Players of blackjack who depend on card counting may sometimes make decisions like hitting or standing based on the card count if they think by doing this chances of getting a blackjack increases, thus, putting their bet high to win more.

Although card counting is not considered illegal, due to casinos being considered private entities, they have a right to bar anyone that they feel is engaging in the strategy.

Cash Out

The dream of any gambler is to get a winning ticket and collect the winnings. In the physical casinos, this means putting chips or tokens on a cash cage in exchange for monetary commission. When you need to cash out your online betting account, you have to go through the cashier section for the withdrawal process, choose a preferred method like bank transfer or e-wallet for the transaction. Depending on the online transfer method used and the site's policies, these withdrawals can be as fast as those made in person.

Casino Game

Casino games stem from a number of money games such as online slot machines, classic table games, and bingo and keno games. Moreover, beside this other online gaming websites offer choices like Slingo and scratch-off cards. In these games, players stake money for wager by using chips, which they purchase with real cash.


It would be wrong to say that no gambling strategy ever offers a hundred percent probability for winning all the time. In some cases, people could get to a point where all the money they've lost to casino or sports betting all ends up in one go and they could perhaps bet again in the hope of making back what they have lost. Nevertheless, it usually ends up being unsuccessful because the main cause of failing is totally based on the element of chance.


In table casino games, different chips with unique identifiers on them are used to place the bets. These chips are made in different colors to correspond with various denominations like $50 and$100, and are employed to place wagers on a gaming table. Prizes that have been won are turned in for cash at one of the gaming institution's cashing desks.

Cold Streak

Being consecutively in a number of situations which let you lose, or having a losing streak, is the most terrible case for any gambler. Such situations often want to have an urge of putting an impulsive bet to zero this loss instead of going on with the regular betting strategy.

Community Cards

Meanwhile, in poker, the dealer places community cards at the center face-up and these are available for all the players to utilize by combining their ‘hole cards’ and trying to formulate the best possible hand. Firstly, a total of five cards are given for community use, that is three cards (the flop) in the beginning, one more card (the turn) and for the end, the final card (the river) is given.

Corner Bet

Exclusively for roulette, its variants American, French, and European, a corner bet is when you lay chips on the intersection of the four numbers you picked. The advantage of this bet lies in its simplicity: winning is given to the player whose number of selected numbers is matched.


A croupier, in roulette, is the casino personnel who runs the game by spinning the wheel and sorting out the various bets made by players.


The dealers are in charge of taking care of the cards which are distributed to the players, collecting chips for bets and making sure the game is based on the rules.

Dirty Money

"Dirty money" can be regarded as money which is related to illegal transactions like money laundering. Casinos that are involved with large amounts of cash are regulated very strictly by the regulatory bodies so as not to facilitate any financial misconduct with money launderers.

Therefore, among others, this term is associated with scenarios where a player could use stolen or fake cash to buy chips or tokens for a game before cashing them out at the cash cage for clean money. A few of them, able to make falsified tokens and exchange them for real money.

Down Card

The traditional card games, like poker and blackjack, use a hole card (also known as the down card) that is dealt face down to every participating player. In poker, that private card provides the feeling of secrecy, and also being unwitnessed by other players.

Draw Poker

The app version of Draw Poker is more likely to be of the three-card and the five-card hand varieties. Amongst games with upfront betting, players in Draw Poker have their entire hand from the beginning and may choose to swap with any weak cards before the final showdown.

Even Money Bet

Placing an even money bet in casino games means the potential winnings are equivalent to the original bet amount, offering a 1:1 lump sum instead of long-term payments. They are especially attractive for rookies and gamblers who don't like to be in the risk zone.

Expected Value

The assumed amount in betting that yields the calculated winnings or losses over some time period, considering typical odds, payout percentages, and betting ratios, ignoring the occurrence of both winning or losing streaks.

Face Card

Those playing cards that have to do with royalty or face cards include the four kings, queens, and jacks of every suit. In blackjack these cards amount to ten points, but in baccarat they represent the value of zero.

Flat Betting

Flat betting is the name given to bets of the same size consistently, in contrast to more popular Martingale or Paroli systems, which involve adjusting bet amounts based on previous outcomes.

Forced Bet

In poker, forced bet is an obligatory bet, like ante or blind, that players must place prior to the deal and the initial stake is set up for the round that follows.

Gambler’s Fallacy

One of the gambler's fallacies is the mistaken understanding that past independence will influence the future independent outcomes. For example, one might misapprehend after experiencing eleven consecutive red results in roulette that the black will definitely be the next result simply because it is the next thing to do whilst the probability of landing on black will still remain at 50/50.


"Hand" is a term used for the cards a player has in his or her possession and for which they compete throughout the game. Players are given a choice among standing, drawing and/or hitting, and may profit from the combination of hole cards and the community cards, making as many card combinations as possible to obtain the best hand. "Hand" can also be a total round of wagering between players.

High Roller

Often referred to as high-stake players, high rollers are those who play big. Traditionally, casinos tend to serve High Roller market segments with tables meant to accommodate high or unlimited stakes. Online, different special live dealer games could be made to accommodate both low-stake players and big risk takers with a mind to place a $50 bet per hand.

Hold Percentage

Also known as House Edge, the hold percentage represents that portion of a bet amount that the casino manages already for a long period of time. In substance it reflects in the overall money lost by gamblers that is calculated from all possible bets.

Hole Card

For example, as in a game of Texas Hold'em, the hole cards mean the face down two cards delivered to each player after the big blind. For players, the task is to blend their hole cards with the community cards to create a hand that will form a winning combination.

Horn Bet

In craps, the horn bet returns players when the dice show on 2,3,11 or 12. The designated horizontal area on some Craps tables is for placing horn bets.

Hop Bet

Unlike the usual way of betting on the sum of the dice, a hop bet in craps is a one-roll bet that precisely picks the set of numbers appearing on the dice after rolling.

House Edge

Although all the casino games are designed to be profitable for the house, the difference in degree is presented in the examples of American roulette whose chances of winning are 5.26% was due to the presence of double zero.

Initial Bet

The initial wager simply expresses the first wager made during the course of a given game. In games like poker the starting hands come against an ante/blind bet before the first hand. The first player to place is always the one with the big blind bet.


There are some games, most of all the slots, which already have determined the jackpot per se. These jackpots, that may vary from a few thousands of dollars to several hundreds of thousands of dollars, may be randomly won, while there is a certain time when you could win it, or when specific symbols align.

Losing Bet

A bet that is not profitable and is linked with the idea of achieving a figure or an outcome is counted as a losing bet. As illustration, in table games such as craps or roulette, betting a significant amount while wishing you have drawn a particular number and seeing another number at the end lowers your chances of winning. In sports betting, a bet is marked as a loss due to a lack of selection of a correct spread or moneyline.


Gamblers who bring forth losses they cannot afford in the game of backroom poker or craps might take a marker from another player or an underground lender. Markers would point out the debts that must be settled. Casinos would most definitely provide for the marker program, acting like credit card 


Some say that the Martingale Strategy has no place in poker, as the strategy entails betting on the better hand. It is very straightforward, it is betting twice after losing a bet on even money wagers until you become a winner again and are refunded the original bet.

Match Play

Sometimes popular retail casinos have cards that offer vouchers for table game players. Such vouchers can be an advantage for VIP members. Usually, you're given a coupon that doubles your first stake, so instead of risking $10, you bet $20, with the winnings calculated based on the $20 bet, but only after having made a $10 deposit.

Maximum Bet

The maximum bet is the highest amount of money that one can play slots or play at games. Alongside this, limits are also imposed on the bonuses, indicating the maximum possible bet that is allowed.

One Roll Bet

Mostly used in craps, a one-roll bet proves to be the final call for the betting round leading to an instant win or loss. This idea is even applicable to specific bets of craps like field bets or those wagers whose total is two, three, or twelve.

Online Casino

Online casinos offer the same thrill and excitement as traditional casinos, only it can now be played from home or mobile devices. These online casinos provide a larger number of games compared to physical casinos and their appealing promotions, which is hard to compete with also the better return-to-player rates due to lower operational costs.

Original Bet

Also referred to as the ante, the first bet is the initial amount wagered during the course of the game. This wager stakes everything for chances of winning.

Payout Percentage

In casinos, return-to-player percentage (RTP) is a term used to define the percentage of funds recuperated by playing $100. It is often called payout rate, the player's probability of getting their money back.


The area in the middle where the tables are, the gaming pit is situated. This leader is usually a pit boss or a supervisor, and is accountable for the dealers and making sure there is no cheating.


Poker must be considered as having been the most diverse casino game of them all. Events like the World Series of Poker that often feature popular versions of poker like Omaha and Texas Hold ’em can assemble top level professional players for a chance of playing for a massive winning prize. Such a game style utilizes the tactical deployment of community and hole cards to form the best hand every turn.

Progressive Jackpot

Other than games with the set jackpots, progressive jackpots accumulate every time a wager is made. For example, the online network jackpots have the potential to spend over a million dollars. This money is contributed by diverse player bases from a variety of locations.


When bets make a ‘Draw’, with no winner, this is called a push. For instance, games such as Baccarat offer a chance to stake money on a tie or a ‘push.’ Another parallel in sports betting is that if the point spread yields a tie, the bet is deadlocked in favor of the punter.

Random Number Generator

Licensed online platforms would ensure fairness and random outcomes by going through the independent audits and acquiring RNG certification.

Roulette Wheel

The roulette game is based on turning over a wheel by the croupier and making an arrest at the position of the small white ball and a corresponding color and number. The wheel comes with either black or a green zero (or double zero in American roulette), a track if needed as well as a spindle to make it possible for the roulette ball to take a flight.

Royal Flush

Royal flush, the top of the hierarchical poker hands, consists of the highest cards in a deck (ten through ace) in the same suit, which in turn is the most powerful combination possible.

Same Suit

Just like in a card game, cards of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades of similar class will have the same value within their class. A hand of cards having all cards out of one of the four suits, for example, heart, is important for getting flush in poker.

Seven Card Stud

Starting with two face-down cards and one face-up card, is the opening game for seven-card stud. The revealed card round continues, consisting of three cards more and a hidden card. The players then pick up the five cards from the hands for play.

Side Bet

While main bets are the most common type of wagers, side bets are also offered which promise bigger payouts but are associated with a higher risk of losing due to having a higher house edge. Risk-takers mostly approach such kind of bets looking for a possibility of a lucrative win.

Slot Machine

Slot machines keep one amused by spinning reels with varied paylines, and in result land a matching combo. Online video slot machines may offer extra features like free spins and progressive jackpots which are both attractive to players who have different budget capacity from the low to the high rollers with multiple themes as well as special symbols like scatters for bonus rounds.

Soft 17

In the blackjack game, a soft 17 means that a dealer has a pair consisting of an ace (maybe eleven) and a six, hence, the dealer must stand. It prevents being out of whack or unfavorable.

Straight Flush

Being only next below the royal flush, the straight flush is another very precious hand in the world of poker – it is composed of five hedging cards in the same suit.

Table Game

The games of table cover a variety of the games from baccarat, craps, roulette, poker, and blackjack, which are arranged and coordinated by dealers to play smoother.

Tapping Out

When a patron hits an ending point in their gambling money and they no longer have funds to bet that is described as tapping out. If that is the case, they just have to drop from the game or, in baccarat's case, the shoe is given to another player to take over.

Trigger Free Spins

Furthermore, in reel spinning, aside from re-spins, bonus spins can be obtained in a situation where the player can get the additional funds with the intention of winning without placing extra bets. Usually the said three scatter symbols, including bells or sevens have to be landed for the free spins feature to kick off.

Video Poker

In video poker, the rules of the game are similar to those of traditional poker, including the chase for powerful hands like royal flush. Unique Joker Poker variation allows Joker cards into play, thus giving the player a chance to draw for a stronger hand as well as more combinations so as to increase the overall chances of winning.

Wagering Requirement

One of the well-known facts about bonus games is that you can’t withdraw the bonuses immediately you win. Initial requirements apply in order to ensure that a player has already wagered or played enough times to ensure that the amount is within the limit set by the institution itself. These stipulations are set out in the terms and conditions and clients should carefully review these details prior to accepting the offer to make sure that the conditions for withdrawal are reasonable to their circumstances.

Wild Card

In some card games the wild cards, especially the Joker, increase the value of the game by being able to substitute for other cards, effectively giving the card player an edge and the game more diversity in game play.

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