Online Math Tutor for Kids

In 2017, UNESCO released a shocking statistic. Up to 617 million children and adolescents worldwide weren't achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. 

While this data may cause us to clutch our pearls, it's important to actively look for solutions and ask the right questions. Why aren't children performing well at math? Maybe the reason is that even third-grade math tasks are often seen as daunting. 

The truth is that this math performance pandemic could be caused by a number of things. For starters, many kids are afraid of math. Maybe they've had the wrong tutors or they simply find the subject boring. In the end, these wrong perceptions greatly impact their performance in the subject. 

The solution? Online math tutors. 

Why Online Math Tutors? 

If you're wondering why you need a math tutor for kids, here are some core benefits of online tutoring:

Improved comprehension

Here's the truth: in most cases, hate for math stems from a poor understanding of the subject. This can affect students' test scores and prevent them from truly enjoying the subject. So, how do you help your child understand the "why" behind each concept? Well, it's simple. 

An experienced online math tutor can break down mathematical rules and concepts for students while offering an insight into exceptions. This approach can help boost your child's understanding of the subject and subsequently, improve their performance. Thus, you’ll kill two birds with one stone! 

One-on-one attention

Although traditional classrooms serve their purpose, there's a major chink in the system's armor. Usually, you may find more than ten students in one classroom. While this is normal, it means that a teacher's attention is often divided. Teachers end up teaching the class as a whole without paying special attention to students who need a little more time to grasp concepts. The end result? Some students learn, while others lag behind. 

This is where personal math tutors come in. With a personal math tutor, your child gets all the attention they need. A tutor can spot a kid’s problem areas and then work on those weaknesses. 

Adaptive learning 

Learning isn't a monolithic concept. Students learn at different pace and have different learning styles. For instance, Student A might be a visual learner who prefers learning through images and diagrams. On the other hand, student B could be an auditory learner. When you teach Student A with a style more suited for B and vice-versa, you end up with two confused students. 

However, most personal tutors often offer adaptive learning. They take note of your child's learning needs and preferred style and then go on to curate the curriculum around said needs. 

At the end of the day, your child will be able to retain everything they've learned so far. 

How to Choose the Best Math Tutor 

Now that we've gotten around the importance of hiring an online tutor, it's time to get down to the specifics. How do you choose the right tutor for your kid? Here are a few pointers worth remembering:

Recommendations and feedback

If you're hunting for an online math tutor, the best place to begin your search is within your community. Ask parents around about the tutors they've hired and what they liked about them. This is the best course of action because you'll be getting authentic and genuine reviews. 

However, if you can't get recommendations within your circle of friends, consider going online. These days, it's easy to find reputable online math tutoring platforms such as Brighterly. However, before making a decision, make sure to read other parent's reviews to know if it will be a good fit for your child or not. 

Years of experience 

Years of experience are an important factor to consider when making a decision. You want a tutor who knows their onions and has been in the industry for a while. The more experienced a tutor is, the more likely they are to make a positive impact on your child. 

Ask them for their portfolio to see if they're experienced. Once you're certain a tutor is seasoned, you can then go ahead to run a background check on them.

Search on freelancing platforms 

If you can't seem to find math tutors within your community or online, you might want to search freelancing platforms. These sites often host freelance tutors looking for clients. However, it's important to apply caution when hiring through freelancing platforms as things can go south very quickly. Ensure you read reviews thoroughly and only use this option as a last resort. 

Final Thoughts 

Is your child performing badly at math? Do they kick and scream each time you open a math textbook? Then, they may need an online math tutor. Extra tutoring is a great step to take as it will help your child establish a strong relationship with math. However, if you're stumped with making the right decision, the tips above will guide you.

Good luck! 

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