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For the last couple of years, the health of our planet has been on the tongues of people and countries all over the world. Companies and governments have started to implement strategies to curb our pollutive habits and create healthy and sustainable ones instead. 

You only have to do a quick Google search on the environment and you will find that the internet is rife with articles on the environment. If you are a concerned citizen or only want something interesting to read, here is a take on some of the best articles on the environment.

Conservationists set the record straight on COVID-19’s wildlife links

When COVID-19 was classified as a world pandemic, people started to look for the origin of the disease. Many conspiracy theorists concluded that it came from an animal. They went further in pinpointing the pangolin as the culprit, seeing that it is the world’s most trafficked animal. 

However, it has not been confirmed whether the pangolin was the original carrier of the virus. All that is certain is that these poor animals are at risk and the Wildlife Conservation Society has called for a global ban on wildlife trafficking. 

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In Nigeria, hunters turn into guardians of the rarest gorilla on Earth

Local farmers and hunters near the Cameroon-Nigeria border have formed their own community conservation association to protect the Cross River Gorilla. When a species is declared extinct, the world mourns, but when a species comes back from the dead or is rediscovered, people have a change of heart. 

In nature, the saying that you don’t know what you have until it is gone could not be more relevant. When the gorilla was rediscovered in the 1980s, the Nigerian government and the locals vowed to protect this majestic animal and have successfully done so with the help of other NGOs like the Wildlife Conservation Society. Although they constantly face many challenges, they are making a difference. 


Bid to get ‘aquatic wild meat’ off the menu and under protection

If you are a student volunteer for environmental issues, then you should get in on the fight against aquatic wild meat. Marine bushmeat, as it is also known, refers to the hunting of marine animals for consumption and trade purposes. 

This hunting practice is taking place all over the world and has only increased in recent years as local small fishermen have lost access to their livelihood. 

Delegates from over 80 countries were assembled at the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals conference in Gandhinagar, India, to discuss the pressing matter. Upon the conclusion of the convention, 10 new species were added to the protection list.  

Climate change

This is probably one of the hottest topics in environmental circles, excuse the pun. The last couple of years have seen some major shifts in everything from temperature fluctuations, extreme weather events, shifting and migrating wildlife populations to habits and rising seas. 

The world is getting warmer and the change that it is bringing is unpredictable. Already we are seeing weather irregularities of major proportions all over the globe and it is only starting. 

Some fear that we are already doomed and that there is no turning back from the harm that we have already done. Others believe that we can still turn things around. What everyone agrees on is that we need to act now. 

Pollution, a global but solvable problem

Everyone is jumping on the recycling bandwagon and with good reason. The world over, pollution is getting out of hand and apart from the health risks it poses, it threatens our very way of life. 

Companies are being urged to change their practices to more sustainable ones. On the other hand, many textile companies have come to the fore and have found ingenious ways to recycle and upcycle materials used to discard as waste. 


If there is one topic that you could spend hours reading, you need to look no further than the environment. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something fictional, factual, or conspiracies, the environment has you covered. You are bound to find something that will entertain and inspire you as you delve into the topic. 

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