The first-ever PhraseMix book is coming out soon!

I'm proud to announce that the first-ever printed book from PhraseMix will be released on September 15th, 2015. It's being sold in Japan, with the title "英語はもっとフレーズで話そう" ("Let's learn English more phrasally!"). It was translated into Japanese by Misako Yoke and is being published by GOKEN publishing company.

Let's learn English more phrasallly!

If you read PhraseMix in English, that means that you're an intermediate or advanced English learner. You already know a lot, but you use PhraseMix to get even better.

This book is a great opportunity for PhraseMix to reach a new audience: English beginners. This book is a collection of past PhraseMix lessons, with the explanations translated into Japanese. Since the explanations are translated, Japanese readers who don't know a lot of English can read the lessons and get started with the PhraseMix method of learning phrases and memorizing sentences.

I hope that this book is only the beginning. If this project goes well, I would like to write more books for English learners in Japan. I also hope to release books in other countries around the world: Korea, India, Brazil, Russia.

How the book was born

I've considered publishing a PhraseMix book for many years. 

When I thought about publishing a book, I had one concern: How can I make the book useful in a way that's different from the website? I didn't want to just re-print lessons from I wanted for there to be some added value to the printed book.

Translating PhraseMix lessons into another language seemed like a great way to make a book that's useful to a different group of people. Japanese seemed like a good choice because I know a little Japanese, I've lived in Japan, and lots of PhraseMix readers and subscribers are from there.

An editor from GOKEN publishing contacted me late last year after following me on Twitter. He asked whether I'd be interested in publishing a book for beginners, so of course I said yes!

For the translations, I contacted my friend Misako Yoke. Misako has volunteered her "English support" to PhraseMix for years, and has translated over 380 PhraseMix lessons into Japanese.

Even though the lessons were already written and many of them were already translated, it took almost a year to complete the book! Unlike a website, which can be changed at any time, a book is permanent. it's important to get everything right: the explanations, the examples, the illustrations, spelling, grammar, and design. We all spent many hours reading and re-reading to make sure that everything is the best it can be.

Please help!

PhraseMix needs your help to make this book a success, so that we can expand to more books and more different countries. If you know anyone who speaks Japanese and would like to learn English, please share this book with them! You can send them to, where you can buy or pre-order the book starting today:英語はもっとフレーズで話そう-PhraseMix-com/dp/4876153019

Thanks for your support! 


~ Aaron

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