The Top Emergency Medical Equipment Suppliers for Healthcare Professionals in Canada

It can be difficult if you are looking for the most reliable medical equipment suppliers in Canada. This is because there are numerous options for you, and selecting the best option can be a challenge if you are new to this field.

But worry no more!

We did our research to find out the top medical suppliers in the country. In this article, we’ll provide 5 stores we think would offer healthcare professionals the best solution possible.

Read further to learn more about them.

1. Vereburn

Vereburn is a medical supply store located in Calgary, Alberta. They sell sports medicine, first aid products, emergency medical equipment suppliers, Covid-19, PPE products, and other equipment.

They are a popular brand known to be one of the best suppliers in the country. Once you order an item, it’s set to deliver within 1-3 business days if you are in Western Canada, 4-7 days in Eastern Canada, and 10-15 days if you are in Yukon, Nunavut, or NWT.

2. CanMedDirect

Can Med Direct is an online store located in Markham, Ontario. They are famous for their fantastic services, quick delivery, and high-quality products.

Some of the products they sell include ostomy products, catheters, urological equipment, continence products, wound care, and skin care products, among many others products. They have special offers at their store and free shipping if you order anything above $150.

3. The Stevens Company

The Stevens Company is a family-run company established in the 1830s by James Steven. It has several locations in Canada, with its main headquarters on Railside Drive in Ontario.

Some medical supplies you can find on their online store include catheters, laboratory, scientific supplies, OR equipment, diagnostic instruments, urological products, patient ID equipment, soap, and shampoo, among many other products.

4. Meditek

The company, established in 1981, specialises in providing medical supplies and equipment for hospitals and surgical centres. Some products you can buy from them include surgical lights, exam lights, surgical table accessories, surgical tables, stainless steel utility columns, operating room ceiling systems, etc.

Some clients who have bought equipment from this store say that customer support goes above and beyond to ensure you get your order at the right time.

5. Surgo

Surgo is a medical supplies store located in Newmarket, Ontario. They have a reputation of being in the market for over 50 years, which makes them a reliable store for health professionals.

They supply Covid-19 products, office supplies, medical supplies & equipment, clearance items, printing, and office supplies. Other than timely deliveries, one compliment we noticed among many clients is their pricing. Most of the products are affordable. Which means you save money when making orders.


We have come to the end of our review. You can be sure that buying products from any of these stores will guarantee high-quality products at a reasonable price. If you have any questions about their services, contact them. Most of the companies we highlight in this article have excellent customer service.

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