Which job type is perfect for you Full-time or Freelancing

Thanks to modern technology, workers can work from just about anywhere and freelance in various industries. On sites like Upwork and Etsy, "giggers" can write copy, design websites, and even sell their products at their discretion, on their own time. Moreover, accommodation sites like Airbnb and Onefinestay allow people to earn additional income by renting out their digs. A metered cab can be operated by almost anyone with a vehicle (with a car).

Full time and Freelancing

You'll have the ultimate balanced work lifestyle if you mix and match your gigs. Theoretically, you could perform in a mountaintop perch, a log cabin, or your living room. Like part-time jobs, freelancing for students also has the thrill of not knowing what's around the corner but being up for whatever comes your way. How exciting!

Due to the explosive growth of the gig economy (aka the freelance economy), a monumental decision has to be made: to freelance or not to freelance. While it might seem like a logical lifestyle choice (if not the only choice), let's take a hard look at the facts before throwing away our paychecks completely.

Benefits of Freelancing

1. You can work anywhere

Freelancers aren't forced to be in one place for the rest of their lives. Some people find it more convenient to work from home as a freelancer. While you're in your pajamas, you can do all your work! If you work from anywhere, you can travel wherever you want and still accomplish your tasks.

2. No fixed hours

Freelancers have the advantage of not having specific hours to work, as they can work whenever they want. They don't have to work 8 hours each day, and their tasks are not unpredictable. You know your work and your deadline, and you can finish it whenever you want.

3. Take a break whenever you want

Freelancers are free to take vacations whenever they want. There are no time limitations to follow, and no permission is needed! The best part of freelancing is that you're not restricted to a certain number of vacation days and can take as many as you want.

4. Money

Most freelancers make more money than those with full-time jobs. Work on more than one project every month, and you could earn more than twice what you would earn from your current salary. It doesn't matter when you get paid; you get paid per project.

Benefits of a full-time job

1. A set salary

As a full-time employee, you receive a monthly salary to provide you and your family with financial security. The salary may not be as much as what a freelancer earns, but at least you know that you will be paid every month.

2. Teamwork

Even though you may enjoy working alone, there will be times when you need a team to ask for an opinion or to brainstorm together.

3. Career Growth

If you work a full-time job, you will have career growth opportunities, you can always learn from other people's experiences, and the longer you spend at an organization, the more you will learn.

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