Why is it important to learn English

Want to get a little motivated? Do you want to know why you should try hard to learn English? We will help you.

Imagine that you have a cool superpower that will help you in a variety of situations. Alternatively, imagine that you have a magic key that can open thousands of doors that were once locked to you. This is how you can call the situation when you know English.

Now imagine that you use a magic key to find a way out of difficult situations and help other people both solve important problems and just communicate with each other. Of course, with such a key, you would almost become a real superhero!

All this, to be sure, sounds good. But if you're looking for real-life examples that show you how English can improve your life without embellishment, then read this article. Today we will talk about why you should learn to speak English and explain why thanks to this you do not have to buy likes on Instagram to become famous all over the world.

More vacancies will be available to you

Globalization is growing, countries are becoming more and more interconnected, and therefore it is only natural that large companies need to exchange information more and more often, send requests, provide data, in other words, communicate. At the moment, everyone is trying to communicate in English.

Many bloggers from all over the world maintain their social networks in English. In addition to them, famous athletes do this, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. This is very convenient because the whole world will understand them this way, and they will not need to buy Instagram likes to get feedback on posts with interesting text.

You need to speak English not only to get a job in an American, Australian or British company. For example, in Korea, teachers may often be faced with requests from students for help in preparing for an interview. Samsung, LG and other major Korean companies conduct interviews in English.

You will become a more educated person

Fact: knowing a foreign language does more than just develop the brain. You will get the opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things about everything around.

Today, enrolling in courses has become quite simple. You can study online, via Skype or go to regular classes, in general, there are enough options.

But here's a new thought for you: what if you enroll in courses in a certain subject that are taught in English?

Just imagine how many interesting things you can learn by enrolling in a US history course taught by an American! But there are also math lessons from Australians, classes in English literature under the guidance of the British and much more!

If the classes are conducted entirely in English, you will not only learn a lot about the topic of the lesson (about mathematics, history, or something else that you would like to do), but also immerse yourself in the subtleties and features of culture, intonation, vocabulary composition and even slang!

You can easily travel around the world

Communication with local residents of many countries will almost never present a problem for you, because people in all countries of the world speak English. Of course, learning a dozen words in the local language does not hurt, because it is at least a gesture of courtesy and respect, but it is the international language that will help you the most during the journey.

These days, even the inhabitants of tiny market towns around the world know how to bargain with English-speaking tourists and visitors.

It may even turn out that you will have the best and most engaging conversations with street vendors (or locals who want to improve their English skills). This language helps solve communication problems while traveling and makes life a lot easier.

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