Why the UK is the Best Place to Improve Your English

There’s no shortage of ways to learn a new language today. Apps, audio CDs, school – some people even cultivate international friends and jump on weekly Zoom calls for the sole purpose of learning a new language. 

Yet despite the choice people have and the convenience of digital technology to help people improve their English there really is no substitute for undertaking English courses, run by reputable academics. 

When you think about it, there is no better place to learn a new language, native to that country, in an academic setting. This is exactly what English schools in the UK offer. However, this isn’t the only reason why the UK is the best place to learn English. 

Interested in finding out more reasons why you should come to England to study English? Find out more below. Including an English language school in Brighton which we think would be ideal for you.

The Birthplace of the English Language

Sure, America and Australia are bigger countries with more English speakers, but England is the birthplace of the English Language. 

Choose to take English lessons in England and you’ll learn the purest form of the English language. One that has evolved over centuries and hasn’t been influenced by other countries’ culture. 

Better still, visit England and you’ll be able to visit places that shaped the English language, like the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, even King’s Cross Station where Harry Potter boarded the train to Hogwarts. 

A Rich History and Culture

England might be small, but it’s not short on culture. From Buckingham Palace in London to the Manchester Art Gallery, and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, there’s a wealth of history and  culture on your doorstep. 

Even better, the UK as a whole is hardly expansive when compared to other countries. No matter where you are, a road trip far and wide across the UK is no more than a day’s journey away. 

Enrol at an English school in London and you might just find yourself in luck, able to visit some of the world’s most famous historical and cultural sights. 

More Accents than Anywhere Else in the World

For anyone learning a new language, accents can be tricky to interpret. But what if we told you that England has more accents than anywhere else in the world per square mile? 

Though this might sound intimidating, the more accents you begin to understand, the more you’ll be able to communicate with English people from all walks of life – truly immersing yourself in British culture. 

Not only that, but accents can also be fun to listen to. The Manchester accent is completely different from a London accent. A good English school in London will teach you all about the different accents, regional dialects, even commonly used slang. 

It can be great fun to pick up these little language idiosyncrasies and then try them out for yourself when talking to all the wonderful people you’ll meet. 

Europe Is on Your Doorstep 

Most of the other places around the UK where you can choose to take English classes are very large and miles away from neighbouring countries. Depending on where you are in the US, Canada can be thousands of miles away. The same is true of Australia and New Zealand. 

This isn’t the case in England. Choose to study at an English school in London, Brighton – or even Manchester and you can, not only travel anywhere in the country in a matter of hours but Europe too. We think Brighton is ideal as it is close to London, the crossing to France and it has some of the best weather in England. 

This could be great for anyone who wants to come over and take English lessons, do a little travel, and see a bit more of the world while they’re here. London would provide everything you need, or Brighton would be a quieter but more authentic British experience. Malvern House has schools in both cities. 

Come to England and Improve Your English 

If you want to improve your English, there is only one destination – England. Come and visit the birthplace of the English language, a country steeped in heritage and culture, one that has a diverse range of people to converse with and has easy access to neighbouring Europe. 

You’ll learn a new language and quite possibly have the time of your life!

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