Worldwide Reading Habit 2020

Let’s face it: Because of coronavirus, many of us are spending more time at home.

It can be easy for our minds to take a detour down anxiety lane. Having hobbies is essential to putting our minds at ease. 

But one thing the whole world seemed to turn to was reading more books.

How exactly did coronavirus change our reading habits? Which countries read the most? And what did we read?

Global English Editing answered these questions in their excellent new infographic on world reading habits in 2020.

Some highlights of their infographic include:

  • 35% of the world read books more because of coronavirus, with China and Spain leading the way

  • Not surprisingly, apocalyptic fiction was a big hit this year

  • Romance is the world’s most popular fiction genre

For more interesting stats and facts about world reading habits this year, check out the infographic below.

World Reading Habits in 2020

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