The 20 Most Commonly Used Casino Slang Terms

Do you want to feel like a seasoned gambler? If yes, then you will have to be familiar with casino slang. No driver can reach his destination without knowing traffic signals. Similarly, no one is supposed to beat the odds without knowing terms frequently used in gambling. People who don’t understand casino lingo are likely to be slightly scared for the first time. The reason behind their intimidation is that they don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the public. 

Say no more to the state of uncertainty! This write-up is going to let you know about some of the most widely used gambling slang terms. Creating a good understanding of such casino terms gives you full confidence and freedom. You can sit at a table with self-assurance and make successful bets. Eventually, your gambling career can pick up the speed that you always wanted to achieve.

Face Cards

Face cards are Kings, Jacks, and Queens in a deck of playing cards. These are also recognized as picture cards or court cards in some regions. All of these cards are valued at 10.


The amount of bonus money or cash paid back to players after they lose a bet. This is a fixed percentage of the total amount that a gambler lost at a casino. Casinos offer cashback as a token of appreciation.

Betting Limits

The highest and smallest betting limits are by a casino are called betting limits. It can also be defined as the maximum or minimum amount that a gambler is allowed to wager on a specific game or gambling event.


It’s the amount of cash left in your account after placing a bet. Gamblers can rely on their balance for stakes and playing different games.

Classic Slots

Video slots that consist of 3 reels are referred to as classic slots. These are also called Classic Vegas Slots and Fruit Machines in many regions. 

Free Spins

Spins that you don’t have to pay for are known as free spins. Casinos offer free spins as part of their promotional strategy. Generally, you can expect to receive 20 free spins at the time of registration.


Bankroll is the amount of cash that a gambler or gambling website has for wagering activities. In simple words, money set aside for gambling is called bankroll.

Card Washing

Thinking about water, detergent, and cards? It's nothing like that. In gambling, card washing happens when the dealer puts cards face down and mix up before shuffling.  Modern casinos have machines to make this happen in no time.


Action is one of the commonly used gambling terms. It means to act when it’s your turn while playing games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette. This term is often used during casino play.

Deposit Bonus

Unlike no-deposit casinos, you have to make a deposit to receive a bonus. This is called a deposit bonus. A gambler should register with a $2 deposit casino as it involves depositing a small amount and brings interesting deposit bonus offers. If it happens that a person loses, it won’t be a huge amount.

Card Sharp

A player who has become an expert in card games is named Card Sharp. He has in-depth knowledge and skill to dominate a card game. 

Double or Nothing

Double or nothing is a betting type that brings double money in case of winning and nothing in case of loss. 


Çomps are the reward points that you get over time after being a part of the casino reward club. Players can earn these points by playing games and convert into real rewards. The reward can be a free dinner or discount on a casino vacation. 

High Roller

Players who possess a large bankroll are known as high rollers. They risk more money while placing bets and get bigger rewards in return. Such players receive great privilege and dedicated support at casinos.

Pit Boss

A nice well-dressed casino staff member standing next to the table is known as Pit boss. His job is to observe the game and ensure fair play. If you play blackjack, then you must see him standing near dealers.


Cage is the place where casino management keeps all the money. This is a secure area where all your earned money is kept in form of chips. Later on, chips are converted into cash for winners.


Experienced gamblers will call you ‘fish’ if you are new to the world of gambling. So don’t get confused when you hear someone calling you with that term.


We all know that whale is a big fish. In gambling, the whale is used to represent a gambler who is happy to lose millions of dollars without getting worried about anything. It's unusual to see a whale sitting at tables of regular casinos.


The overlay is used to describe a gambling situation favorable to the gambler. For instance, you are expected to win more than you bet.


It’s a playing technique that aims at steady small gains. A grinder is a patient and calm gambler who loves winning small bets over a longer period. 


Knowing a slang for gambling is more important than playing without knowledge. One of the core reasons behind frequent losses is the unfamiliarity with casino terms. The language used at casinos is often unclear to newcomers. Many of them start gambling without knowing much about the casino environment. This is not a healthy practice for gamblers who want to be successful in the long run.  Creating an understanding of casino slang doesn't take too much time. Therefore, it is recommended to know what you hear at casinos.

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