Essay Writing Tips

Over the years, we have received hundreds of requests from Phrasemix users looking for information to improve their English language professional and academic essay writing skills.

Since Phrasemix team is primarily focused on English phrases and sentence structure, we reached out to professional essay writers to get tips and strategies on constructing the perfect professional and academic essays. Enjoy!

Writing Creative Nonfiction

Creative or literary nonfiction is a  genre of writing that combines two traditional fields: traditional nonfiction and literary fiction.

Traditional nonfiction – the type of true or factual reading you may be most accustomed to - includes:

factual biographies that list events, dates,...

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing

There are some writing mistakes that teachers see over and another time on student essays. If you'll conquer these five writing essentials, you'll make fewer errors and earn higher scores on your essays.

Recognize a Whole Sentence to Avoid Fragments

A complete sentence contains a topic...

Verb Moods

Does it seem strange to think that verbs have moods? In fact, verb moods are necessary to convey certain meanings when simple tenses just don’t do the trick. Moods are used to convey the attitude of the speaker.

Let’s examine the verb “to be” to clarify this. The...

Words We Confuse: Study These Words to Improve Your Writing

Remember the boy called Ralphie within the movie A Christmas Story, who couldn't wait to seem at his essay grade? He was so sure he would receive an ideal score. He was sorely disappointed when he saw his grade. Has this happened to you?

We've all been there. We are exerting to come back...

Essay Patterns and Structure

If you are a naturally talented writer and you’re getting frustrated by the rules of essay organization, you are not alone. Many talented writers get very frustrated when it comes to following a standard structure or format. Diane H. Wong, a content writer at domywriting, says that...