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Over the years, we have received hundreds of requests from Phrasemix users looking for information to improve their English language professional and academic essay writing skills.

Since Phrasemix team is primarily focused on English phrases and sentence structure, we reached out to professional essay writers to get tips and strategies on constructing the perfect professional and academic essays. Enjoy!

3 Underrated Communication Apps for Students

Humans are social creatures and the need to interact and communicate with other people is crucial. That is even more relevant now when everyone is locked down in their homes due to the global pandemic. Almost all students around the world now study online via voice and video chat applications.


Effective Tips on How To Develop Writing Skills in a Child

Writing is not only an integral part of education but also a very important part of communication. No matter how efficient electronic communication is, we still write emails and messages, and we also consume textual content. However, modern kids don’t read a lot, and they also don’t...

Tips on Toning Down Stress of Homework

Many students undergo pressure leading to stress in the face of homework. It is almost impossible to avoid an assignment's anxiety, especially if the deadline is around the corner or a looming test..

Homework is a big part of a student's education. However, it can hurt a child if it...

4 Little-Known Secrets Of Passing Your IELTS Exams

IELTS or International English Learners Testing System in a popular exam across the globe. This exam seeks to test your English language proficiency. IELTS focuses on four aspects of the English language in their tests which are listening, speaking, writing, and reading. 

When you come from...

How To Answer Essay Questions On Your English Exams

Testing exam questions

The reputation behind essay questions in English is a lot worse than their real difficulty. I remember enjoying these exam questions, but I also recall them being the bane of many students’ existence.

Why do we say that the essay answers’ reputation is overestimated? Because...