Tips for writing an essay

Do you want your essay to be perfect? We have really good life hacks that will help make it great and you will get the best mark. Of course, you can use the essay proofreader for this, because there are professionals, but you can try it yourself.


The nature and theme of the essay

Before writing an essay, you need to choose a topic. Sometimes the topic of the text is suggested, but often such work gives the author the freedom to choose the problem and the main thesis of the text. Think about which topics interest you the most. This can be a review of a book / film / play, an essay on current issues of society, philosophical reflections, and so on.

An interesting topic - the key to quality text. After all, it is difficult to have an opinion or position on a problem that does not even bother you.

The topic can be any occasion, the author's attitude to an event, reflections on the problem. The author of the essay, as a rule, tells about his personal experiences, impressions, experiences or speaks about something figuratively, emotionally, openly. Often in the essay there are simple colloquial phrases, aphorisms. Exceptions are essays for scientific conferences, public speeches at scientific councils and other scientific events.

So, if you have a question - how to write an essay? - To begin with, decide on the style of your future work and choose the character: philosophical, fiction, journalistic, literary-critical, popular science.

 To work easily, follow the step-by-step tips:

- Come up with a title for your essay - it will give food for thought and encourage you to write the first sentence. Writing the first sentence is the most difficult task.

- Make a plan that you will follow in writing the essay. It will help to present thoughts in a structured way.

- Think about what aphorisms, quotes from the classics could be relevant in your essay. They will add essays of originality and aphorism.

- Start writing an essay, starting with the point of the plan that seems easiest to you. Follow this principle, and working on an essay will not seem exhausting to you!

- If in the process of writing an essay you want to change its structure, feel free to change. Essay writing is a creative work and there are no strict rules for its implementation.

- Try to find factual material, statistics that will add solidity to your essay.

- Write honestly, frankly, emotionally, use the author's language, keep your personality in writing essays.

Drawing up a plan

What should I do before writing an essay? When choosing a topic, be sure to make a plan. And think about the structure of the text. Usually the essay consists of three main parts:

1. Introduction. This may be a question or thesis, which will be disclosed later in the text. The introduction should clearly define the issues of the essay.

2. Arguments. One of the most important recommendations on how to write an essay is to use credible arguments. They must confirm or refute the thesis, demonstrate your position on a particular issue. Remember that there must be at least 3 arguments. Otherwise you will not be able to convince the reader.

3. Conclusion. It can be banal, such as: "So, in the text we were able to prove that« ". And can demonstrate your creativity (rhetorical questions or calls to action).

Literary means

Use literary means to make the essay interesting: draw analogies and parallels, use epithets, metaphors, symbols, allegories, comparisons and associations. Imagery and aphorism should be your main helpers in writing an essay. Try not to make sentences too long and full of different punctuation marks and unnecessary synonyms.


- Remember that the essay should be dynamic. The story in the essay cannot be monotonous and predictable. Use unexpected plot moves and original clutches. Let the conclusions you make in the course of presenting your thoughts be logical and predictable only for you.

- After the work is done, carefully check it for various errors - spelling, punctuation, lexical. Competent presentation of opinions - half the success of writing an essay.

- To make your essay interesting, catchy, original, dilute serious thoughts with humor and irony, if appropriate. Remember that your essay is a reflection of your personal thoughts and views, which is why you should not copy other people's thoughts. Think about what you would like to say with your work, what thoughts and observations are you willing to share?

- If after writing an essay you thought that the title does not fully reflect the essence of the work, change it to a more intriguing and original.

How to avoid mistakes when writing?

If you have chosen a genre such as essays, the rules of writing the text are not clear requirements, but rather general recommendations. They are designed to simplify the process and make the essay interesting and understandable to the reader. In addition to the basic rules, it is worth considering the mistakes that often occur with novice authors. So be sure to avoid:

violation of the logic of the text - frequent jumping from thought to thought, breaking the thought, etc .;

unreliable arguments;

lack of logic between different parts of the text;

complications learn to put more thoughts into fewer words;

spelling and punctuation errors;

stylistic errors;

profanity, slang, jargon;


languages ​​of hostility and violence.

Writing an essay

Now proceed directly to the creation of the text. To do this, carefully read the rules of essay writing and try to save all the components of the essay. When writing, be sure to follow the technical requirements and recommendations (font, spacing, font size, indents, etc.).

Remember that the structure of the work is a recommendation before writing an essay, not a duty. And you can experiment, starting not with an introduction, but with arguments or even a conclusion. The main thing is to make such a move appropriate and reasonable.

When writing an essay, try not to go beyond the topic. If possible, try to make the text more concise - a large essay becomes closer to the abstract than to the essay.

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