5 apps for students that help study English more productivity

The Bible tells the story of the Babel Tower. That is the place where people started speaking different languages across the globe. What the Good Book says the Tower did, the English language is undoing nowadays. Connecting with people around the world has never been easier. Although English is not the most popular language, if you're a good speaker, you'll manage to communicate your message almost everywhere in the world. As a student, being able to exchange ideas with people your age is crucial. So, if you want your English to be on point, you should check out these apps that will help you out just like your personal tutor. 

Let’s start with the obvious choice: Duolingo. This is probably the most popular app for learning a new language. Somehow, the user interface and the points system make this app feel like a game. Making challenges with your friends will make the interactive application motivate you to keep learning. They say that 34 hours of Duolingo will teach you English just like one university semester. Downloading this app for free and following its instructions will make you a better English user. 

SplashLearn is a versatile educational app that enriches students' English learning journey from pre-K through grade 5 with engaging ELA games and worksheets. With its interactive lessons and a vast library of resources, SplashLearn transforms language acquisition into an exciting adventure. It covers a wide range of English skills, from vocabulary and grammar to reading, ensuring students strengthen their language proficiency while having fun. SplashLearn's personalized approach tailors content to individual needs, making it an essential tool for students looking to excel in English studies.

Busuu is the app everyone recommends for beginners. If you’re just getting started with the English language, this might be the best choice for you. This app is proof of what people can do, once they start using technology at its full potential. Having an AI following your progress and giving you personal feedback is very useful. This way, your learning curve will be smooth and you won’t find yourself stuck. Many teachers don’t pay attention to their students while teaching and end up teaching at a faster pace than the student is comfortable with. If you find yourself in this situation, the Busuu app will be useful. You can also purchase assignment here and get help in many ways. Technology can offer a learning alternative for every student.

One of the most common problems students have while learning English or any other language for that matter is that they don't practice speaking. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing can be done from your desk, by yourself. A speaking task is a tad more difficult because you need someone to help you with that. English Speaking Practice will help you here. You will learn pronunciation like natives do and use expressions every day. Using speech recognition software, this amazing piece of technology will teach you English as a professor would.

The next app is useful for anyone writing in English. Every user will make spelling errors or typing mistakes, no matter his or her level. I’m actually using Grammarly right now, writing this text. This is the best spell-checking tool out there. Not only it will underline your every mistake, but it also has an artificial intelligence system that checks your sentences to make sense. This way you'll make sure that you don't sound like a buffoon when you send that assignment to your boss. 

You should let the people from the British Council do what they do best and teach you the most important rules of grammar. And now you can do that by using their app: The British Council Learn English Grammar. The interactive practice activities will help you naturally learn English grammar, with 12 topics and over 20 activities per topic. As you get better, you can download more tasks and exercises for you to master while on the go. Available on Android, iPhone, and IPad, you'll always be connected to your virtual grammar teacher.

Students have more opportunities nowadays than they ever did. Learning a new language: grammar, vocabulary, reading, and even speaking on your mobile device is amazing. We are constantly learning new ways of combining technology and education. Using artificial intelligence or speech recognition software is just the beginning of helping students everywhere in the world. This way, we are beginning to level the playfield. We are starting to give every student the same chance of learning a new language. The rest is up to you! You have access to modern ways of learning. You just have to take advantage of them. Use these 5 apps, do your daily tasks and I guarantee that your English will get better in no time. 


James Collins is an expert in modern ways of education. With a digital nomad lifestyle, he is looking for more efficient ways of learning new information. Traveling and studying education make James a passionate writer and a reliable source of information.

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