5 Typical Essay Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Essay-writing has been with us since our days of school. However, it is more than just a piece of narrative written for a couple of marks in an exam. Essay-writing is essential in many literary and professional pursuits where narration, arguments, critiques, and observations are required. These professions and pursuits require maximum quality and accuracy, the absence of which can cause various degrees of problem depending on the purpose. For example, a miswritten thesis or a political manifesto can damage the whole study or the campaign. Hence, it is extremely important to write an essay carefully. Writing an essay is not that easy so you may require good essay writing services to get your work done and avoiding some of the major mistakes too. There are various mistakes that people make while writing an essay and here are 5 of them. 

1. Skipping Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the most important aspects of any kind of writing; be it a movie review or a professional study. Various factors are included in proofreading. Spelling mistakes should be avoided and the essay should be checked for any mistakes after finished. The same is the case with grammatical errors. Missing commas and full stops or wrong verbs usage should be checked for in proofreading. Spelling and grammatical mistakes are the most basic mistakes that can be made on an accident or a bit of carelessness. Various technical issues can occur too. For example, any writing software you are using can face a bug that could remove words or sentences as a whole. Skipping proofreading leaves your essay prone to many errors that can make your essay unattractive and less influential. 

2. Inappropriate Tone Of Writing

There are various types of essays you get to write in different fields. Two types of classification for an essay is; formal and informal essay. Formal essays require a more professional way of writing that follows a strict set of rules regarding Essay writing. Personal pronouns like "I" and "you" are not used and neither are slangs. Formal essays present information straightforward in a pure form instead of setting it up. Informal essays have a more conversational writing. Writers can use casual languages, pronouns, and slangs as per preference.

It is important to follow the set rules of whichever type of essay you are writing. Making jokes or pop culture references in your thesis would obviously deteriorate its quality. Neither you would like to use big words and technical terms in a shampoo review. 

3. Vagueness or Over-explanation

It is important to explain your point to only the extent that is required. People often tend to either not explain it all or indulge in a bit too much of an explanation. When explaining something in your essay or putting forth an argument, it is essential to include substance that can support your claims. If you make a statement but don't include enough substance as an evidence or a proof, it would basically nullify your statement or argument. 

However, including too much information can cause problems of its own as well. It makes the reader feel choked if you have already made your point reach to them but still keep trying to explain the same point.

What you have to do is to put forward an amount of information that proves your point without bogging down the readers.

4. Filler Writing

Filler writing is writing for the sake of filling up space and increasing the word count. The purpose behind this is usually to make the essay look bigger in quantity. There can be various factors for them to do so i.e. money, grades, lack of quality, etc. To achieve this, writers often tend to stretch their statements and arguments. However, it does more harm than benefits. It makes the writer look lazy and incompetent. In some cases, fillers can pass and are not much of a big deal but it is advisable to pursue quality rather than quantity. 

5. Repetition 

Repetition in any way and from is an annoyance. Doing repetitive tasks in life can be a nuisance. It is the same in the case of essay-writing. Repetition can be found in many ways in essay-writing. Repetition of words, for example, makes an essay work look unprofessional and raises questions on the writer's abilities. Using only one type of voice throughout the whole essay is unattractive too. Alliteration is often advised to improve your writing. Avoiding repetition of anything can help in engaging the reader more. 

These were the 5 most typical mistakes people make while writing an essay. A well-written and well-structured essay can boost your political campaign, make your thesis more effective and your arguments more consequential. On the opposite, a carelessly written essay ends up being nothing more than a collection of pointless sentences and redundant information. If you're either a student in high school or a graduate pursuing Ph.D., these are the mistakes you have to necessarily avoid while writing any kind of essay. 

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