6 Essay Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

Students are supposed to write a pile of essays when they attend college or university. Writing is a difficult task for almost all students because they never learn to write professionally when they are in high school.   

Writing in English might be more challenging, especially for those who don't speak English as their native language. Writing academic essays is even harder because not all native English speakers know how to write in a proper style. Academic writing takes knowledge of language, grammar, and terminology.

To stop struggling with English essay writing tasks, many non-native English speakers decide to outsource their assignments to an essay writing service online.

However, can non-native English speakers actually write English writing tasks on their own? Is there a quick solution to solve the problem? If you're not a native English speaker, follow the tips below to find out how you can improve your writing skills.

1. Read as Much as You Can

Reading is the best way to learn how to write even for native English speakers. It doesn't matter what you read, any magazine, newspaper, blog post, or a book can improve your writing skills. 

Of course, it's more effective if you stick to your area of expertise, but reading any well-written material can be useful. When you read more materials on your field of interest, you learn new words and their usage in sentences. All seasoned writers working with academic writing services try to read a lot of texts in their field to make their vocabulary rich. The more words you see in the context you want to write, the more naturally you’ll be able to use them in your content. 

Moreover, when you read a lot of academic essays, you come across different writing styles. So, the next time you want to write your own essay, you’ll have some patterns in your mind to use later. 

2. Take Time to Practice a Lot

You never learn a skill unless you practice a lot. Writing might be frustrating and boring at the beginning, but it will become a great hobby if you keep practicing it. Start with about 30 minutes a day, and then gradually set longer periods. 

If you have no idea what to write about, create your personal blog and share your life experiences. Feel free to copy nice phrases or terms you read recently. This way, you can write more professional content. 

Also, if you encounter writer's block, don't start with long content. Try to write a 200-word long article at the beginning. We bet you can easily write a 2000-word long essay. Even writing services ask their writers to complete short works first, and only then they assign long ones.     

3. Ask a Native Speaker Friend for Feedback

Every writer needs an editor. All essay help services have a separate editing team to proofread and check all essays. Writers can't judge their own writings well, because they often fail to find their mistakes. 

Of course, you can't pay an editor to edit your writings, but you can ask a friend who's better than you in English. If you have an English-speaking friend, it's even better. 

4. Learn as Much Grammar as You Can

All students have studied a bit of grammar when they were in high school, but it's neither enough, nor do they have all the rules kept in their minds. It doesn't mean you should review all your grammar books though. Just search for useful structures seasoned writers usually use when they write an academic essay and try to use them as a template when you write your own. 

Also, when you read several texts, you can see a lot of new sentence structures. Take notes so that you can return to them whenever you need one.

5. Make Your Vocabulary Rich    

As a non-native English-speaker, your range of vocabulary is probably limited. Therefore, your essay might sound boring and monotonous. Create your personalized dictionary and add every specific idiom, word, or phrase you read somewhere and consider helpful for you.     

6. Use Handy Writing Tools

Thanks to technology, you don't need to worry about grammar or spelling mistakes if you're not a hundred percent confident about your correct usage of words. Several handy tools can help you check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes, and even suggest how to correct them. 

Don't be ashamed of using grammar and spelling checker tools. Even professional online essay services use these tools to make sure they're delivering the essay to the customer without any common mistakes.    

Bottom Line 

If you're a non-native English speaker and you're supposed to write English essays as your college assignment, there’s no need to worry anymore. Writing will be much easier if you follow the quick tips mentioned above. Try to read and write as much as you can to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Then, you can confidently write essays like your native-speaking classmates.

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