Dissertation Season Is Coming: 7 Tips for Getting Started on Your Disso

Now that another academic year has started, many degree seekers have finally come to the threshold of the most important event in their academic career. Your entire degree has been leading you to this moment. And now, it’s suddenly here - the dissertation season is just around the corner.

Although it is only an early fall now, many of you should start working on your big, final paper already. We bet that you have plenty of other things to take care of - exams, homework, deadlines, and much more. This can create tons of pressure. However, that’s the point when you should understand that your dissertation grade will directly affect your overall degree. And, no matter how much you want it or not, there is no way you can avoid it anymore.

However, don’t let the pressure and fear hold your back! Of course, handling dissertation writing is never easy. But, if you know how to get on the right track in the first place, that’s already 50% of success!

Starting on Your Dissertation: Top 7 Tips

In most cases, getting started is the hardest part. To help you kick-start your disso and survive it, we’ve prepared a few handy tips and hacks:

Start Early On

This one should go without saying. You may still have a whole year ahead to handle your final projects. However, keep in mind that deadlines are always closer than they seem. Thus, the earlier you get started, the less stressful the whole process will be!

Enlist the Help of Professionals for Other Tasks

Although writing a dissertation is, without a doubt, the biggest and most responsible task you have to handle, this does not mean that you will be free of other assignments. You should be prepared for dozens of other papers and homework to constantly get in your way. And you need to have a plan B that would help you reduce the load.

Probably the best tip we can give you is to find yourself a reliable academic helper for the time you will be working on your dissertation. A professional writing service can take a significant part of the load off your shoulders. If you have such an assistant by your side, you can get instant help with your papers by simply asking, “please, write my research paper for me” and stop worrying about the rest of your assignments. So, the earlier you find an assistant, the better!

Create a Timeline

Setting clear goals with specific deadlines is a very helpful time-management trick. Having a timeline will help you feel less stressed as you will see that your entire paper is going to be completed on time. At the same time, it is an excellent way to stay motivated. You will always have a nice feeling of accomplishment when you meet each set goal. Finally, a timeline is a way to track progress.

Thus, the tip is to break down your dissertation into smaller parts and tasks and set approximate deadlines for each. But, be sure to be realistic with timing to attain your goals and avoid burnout.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritizing the points in your to-do list is the key to success! Thus, we advise you not only to create a timeline but actually think of what tasks are the top priority and put them in front. At this point, it can feel very tempting to get started with the easy ones. However, don’t do this. If you handle the hardest parts of the work early on, you will reduce the tension and stress when the deadline will be around the corner.

Create Your Own Collection of Samples

Needless to say that examples of well-written dissertations can help you cope with your own task better in the long run. However, creating a collection of samples is also a great way to get started! Reading a couple or more dissertations related to your field can help you find inspiration for writing and add motivation.

Schedule Regular Study Sessions

Despite the common belief, you don’t actually have to work on your dissertation every single day. However, you do have to be consistent. A great tip is to set up specific days and timing for writing your paper. If you add a fixed structure to your weeks, you will find it easier to get back to the work when the time comes. Besides, this will help you be more productive.

Reward Yourself

This tip may sound a bit odd, but, trust us, it actually works. We all know how hard it can be to get started on such a large and responsible piece of work. However, you should not only set tasks for yourself but also actually treat yourself for completing each. This will help you keep your motivation levels up throughout the entire process! Thus, don’t forget to reward yourself for every tiny step you take towards your goal.

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