How to write an essay in a hurry? Best tips

Students struggle to write a good essay. Poor English grammar and vocabulary are the main reasons which contribute to low grades for the freshman. In such a situation, students avail of the custom writing service providers like EssayBasics to achieve good grades. The service providers produce quality content for students. But anyway there are many situations when you just don’t have time and you need to write it in a hurry, here is the best tips on how you can do it fast and quality.

Write Down Ideas

How to write an essay fast? First, you write down the main points which you will cover in your essay on a piece of paper. It will save you time. You should write your first draft, and you do not need to worry about mistakes at this stage. Take a short break and come back with a fresh mind to proofread your essay. Reading the content aloud can help you to identify errors. Also, you can ask for feedback on the essay from your friend or turn to a professional expert at write my essay service, who will tell you what mistakes are best not to make in writing. You will write multiple drafts of the essay, and the content will be edited on numerous occasions. 

Engaging Topic

How do you write a last-minute essay? Research and developing a plan beforehand is essential to complete your assignment within the deadline. Read the instructions multiple times so that there is less chance of committing an error. Try to engage your audiences with persuasive arguments. Always back your discussion with practical examples. It will force the readers to go through the entire essay. Use catchy headings to attract the attention of users towards the content. Always try to perceive the thought process of the reader. Write focused content that will keep the reader engaged and involved.

Research Work


How to write a good essay fast? Conducting thorough research before writing can help you to complete the essay within a few hours. Always develop a writing plan and set a deadline for the essay. It will keep you motivated and focused on the task. Identify the primary and secondary points which you will discuss in your essay. Follow the proper structure and format for your essay. You can look at sample essays available online to understand the proper way of structuring an essay. Logically discuss all of your points. Connect each paragraph with the other so that the essay flows along nicely.

Develop a Plan

How do I force myself to write an essay? Write with the goal in mind. Think about the benefits you will achieve when you finish writing a good essay or just check the essay database and get inspired there. Securing a good grade and CGPA in your semester should be a motivating factor for you. Besides, if you perform well in your academics, there is a good chance that you will find an ideal job. Write for short periods. For instance, writing 30 minutes in one sitting should be sufficient for you. Take breaks in between to keep yourself motivated. A 20-minute brisk walk can restore your energy levels, and you will not feel tired. Always keep in mind your motivation to write an essay. Your goals should be precise and clear.

Avoid Social Media

Remove distractions from your computer desk while writing an essay. Do not use social media when you are writing. Keeping your workplace organized will help you to maintain your focus. Your main priority should be to write a good essay within the deadline. Always make sure that you keep your table clean. You can block the websites on your web browser using an extension. It will help you to complete your task on time.

Write Plagiarism Free Content

Brainstorm different ideas before writing your essay. It will help you to produce unique content. You can read the content available on different online academic resources. Gather main points from multiple sources and then try to write the content in your own words. It will remove the chances of any plagiarism in the content. Always use your ideas in your essay. Never copy someone else’s content and ideas as it will be counted as plagiarism.

Proofread And Edit

Proofread your article multiple times and makes necessary alterations in the essay. You can take a friend’s help inadequately structuring the essay. Your first draft does not need to be perfect. Multiple adjustments can be made in the essay as you refine your content. You can take suggestions from your family members. It will help you to identify any main points you have missed in your essay. You can improve the readability of the content by using simple words in your essay. Also, try to write short sentences. Overly long and complex sentences make it difficult for readers to understand.

Write the Conclusion and Introduction at the last

Write body content first as it will save you much time. Conclusion and introduction are the most complex parts of an essay as it requires analysis. So focusing on the body content when you begin writing content is the best approach for you. It will avoid decluttering your mind with different thoughts. Write short and concise paragraphs. Avoid using unnecessary words for increasing the word count of an essay. Keep these things in mind in writing your next essay, and you will be overjoyed by the results you achieve. Your primary focus should be on highlighting the most critical points present in an essay. Structure your essay logically so that it becomes easier for the reader to understand the points mentioned in the essay.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep a bottle of water with you and drink lots of water to keep your energy levels high. Always eat snacks every 3 hours. It will help you in writing your essay fast. Low energy levels present in your body can affect your writing. Try to write quality content with the topic in mind. Even when you don’t have enough time and doing things like writing an essay in hurry sometimes better to buy an essay or buy resume online. Do not move away from your main topic when you are writing an essay. Keep your essay focused and targeted towards the needs of the readers. Provide a solution to the readers for solving their problems. If your content is not useful enough for the reader’s people will not read it. Focus on creating your content valuable for the audiences. It will keep them engaged, and you will be able to convince your readers. Try to understand the exact requirements of the essay topic. Read the topic multiple times for identifying the topics and sub-topics that you need to cover in your essay.

Essay writing within a short period can be challenging for students as well as professionals. Seeking help from professionals can help you in crafting a proper essay with correct format and structure. You can follow the above suggestions to make your next writing assignment perfect. Share your feedback in the comments. 

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