Phrases You Can Use To Make Your Essays More Interesting

Phrases You Can Use To Make Your Essays More Interesting

Only a brilliant essay can guarantee you a good grade. But, there’s quite a lot to be inserted into a paper aside from relevant data and a crafty introduction. A great essay always contains the right phrases and transition words. This makes it properly articulated and persuasive, two characteristics that are essential for quality writing.

To make an essay outstanding and A-grade worthy, you need to learn some great phrases and where to insert them. Now, without further ado, I’m presenting you with the best phrases to use in an essay to make it brilliant.

Explaining and Introducing Something

1. In order to

In order to make an essay excellent, you need introductory phrases such as this one. This is one of the most popular paragraph starters and is used to introduce some type of an explanation for an argument.

2. To this end / To that end

If you need another way to say ‘in order to’, this is the perfect alternative. Spice your content up a little. These phrases are used to introduce an idea or an explanation.

3. That is to say/ That is

To introduce further detail to something you’ve said previously, or make your writing more precise – use one of these two phrases. These are used after an idea has been introduced, always at the beginning of a sentence. In most cases, a comma follows this phrase.

4. In other words / To put it another way

When you want to explain something or clarify it further, these are the phrases to use. Once again, these belong to the beginning of the sentence, and are often used as a paragraph starter. They are the perfect addition to essays that explain complex points or give detailed definitions.

Providing Additional Information

5. Moreover / Furthermore 

Good transition words make an essay look more professional and better researched. Yes, instructors pay attention to such things and the use of transition words can turn a dull essay into one that flows perfectly. Moreover and furthermore are such words. Used at the beginning of sentences, these words allow you to introduce and add extra information to support an idea or point.

6. What is more

As a longer alternative to moreover and furthermore, you can use this phrase. It has the same effect and it increases the word count. Also, it’s three words in a sentence that make your essay look more appealing to the reader.

7. Similarly / Likewise

These two words are used to talk about something that confirms what you’ve said before. This is often used in persuasive and argumentative essays that require a lot of research to support an idea. If you’re having trouble finding enough data or organizing it, you can always turn to a help service and ask them: make an essay for me on this topic. You’re probably going to find one of these words in such papers.

8. Another key thing to remember / Another key point to remember

If you’re trying to write more words, these two phrases will introduce additional facts, same as the word ‘also’. Plus, they give clarity to a piece of content that’s based on a lot of supportive data. 

9. Not only... but also

This is a play with words, type of wording that allows you to add information that’s unexpected and surprising. It’s used to give your writing a more exciting effect. 

10. As well as

Whenever you feel like your essay is filled with the same words such as ‘and’ or ‘also’, use this phrase instead. It carries the same meaning, gives your content some versatility, and has a bigger word count. 

11. Firstly, secondly

There’s no limit as to how far you can get with this, but too much data can be overwhelming. So, you’ll probably get to secondly and thirdly, maybe even finish with the word ‘finally’. This is another play with words that helps you clarify and organize the data. 

12. To say nothing of / Not to mention

For some emphasis and additional information, use these finely tuned phrases. They aren’t so frequently used in essays, so yours will stand out and make you look as an amazing researcher.

Demonstrating Contrast

13. However

However is a really frequently word used. It’s a transitional word, a word that belongs at the beginning of a sentence, and a tool that allows you to introduce contrast. 

14. On the other hand / Having said that

This particular phrase carries the same meaning as ‘however’, so if you’ve used the first before, it’s time to spice things up with this phrase. Use it to introduce a different piece of evidence, an opposing idea or opinion, or a contrasting interpretation of the thing you’ve presented before it.

15. Then again

Do you perhaps want to cast some doubt on the point of view you are against? If you’re trying to make an argument that proves your point is the right point, or persuade someone to take the action you believe is right, this is the way to introduce some doubt.

There are plenty of phrases you can use to enrich your essay, and these are quite a nice way to start. Remember – practice makes perfect. Learn through reading and writing and you’ll master the writing skill in no time!


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