The Academic Plagiarism Checker for Students and Teachers

We have already touched on the essential elements needed to produce a quality essay. Now, we want to focus on another serious issue to consider when writing academic or research papers: plagiarism.

While writing an academic document, its research proposal, research article, thesis or any other academic report, it is necessary to minimize the plagiarism up to a certain level so that it would be considered authentic. The percentage of plagiarism that is allowed in a certain academic piece of writing depends upon its nature. 

Importance of Plagiarism Checker for Teachers and Lecturers

You can say good anti-plagiarism software is a necessity of an hour as millions of students around the Globe are studying in universities and colleges. Most students submit their thesis by copying the material from the internet. But this approach is really not applicable. A good teacher or institute will never accept this kind of behavior.

But the question is how to detect plagiarized content, as no one can check and compare all material from the internet. Plagiarism checker solves this difficulty; if a teacher or lecturer is using some kind of plagiarism checker or duplication detector tool, then he/she can find out whether the content is plagiarized or not. So, you visit SER for check content plagiarized or not.

Not only this, but the teachers can also find out the source from where the content has been copied.

What if you get all this without paying a single penny? Yes, it’s a fact. This complete package is just on a search away now. Many free plagiarism detector tools are available on the internet; you can find out the best one by searching all the way.

Top universities must follow this approach to keep a proper check on their students. All assignments, presentations, thesis, or whatever work they do should be checked on plagiarism checker tools. By doing this, students will also take some extra care in doing their task to avoid plagiarism in their assignments.

Free Plagiarism Checker, a Useful Tool for Students

This extraordinary deal is not just valid for teachers only. Students can get full advantage of it.

Following are some reason why students should use plagiarism revealer tools:

1.        For cross-checking their work

Since the consequences of plagiarism are worse, plagiarism identifiers can assist the students in cross-checking their work with billions of content available on the internet.

2.        It’s tough to compare assignments or any task with the results of a search engine.

A student tries to compare his/her work with Google or Firefox results; then, it’s near to impossible to find out copied content. Plagiarism checker makes it easier to compare work and identify plagiarism.

3.        Percentage match

Plagiarism checker provides you a matched percentage of content. Usually, universities allow plagiarism to a certain percentage; let’s say 4%. In such a case, a student can proceed if he/she has 96% unique content.

4.        Learning paraphrasing tricks

Students should have a good grip on paraphrasing as it is vital in removing plagiarism from articles. You wouldn’t know which text to paraphrase until you find out the plagiarized material. After the identification of plagiarism, the next step is to remove it with paraphrasing. With time, it will enhance your paraphrasing skills, and chances of plagiarism will also fall.

5.        Provides evidence

At certain times your tutor might accuse you of plagiarism. With plagiarism software, you can get hands-on a plagiarism report that will clearly indicate that your text contains no plagiarism or within limits allowed. You can keep the report and show it to your teacher as evidence of not committing plagiarism.

By the above discussion, we can conclude that an online plagiarism checker is a basic requirement for both teachers and students.

There can be many features also, which we don’t know. Let’s explore them.


Some Other Features of Plagiarism Checker

1.        Easy to use

The free Plagiarism checker tools are usually very easy to operate. You just need to go to their website and submit the content you want to check for plagiarism. It shows a comparison against every line. Students can check out their every credential related to their work.

2.        Multiple sources to check against

An advanced plagiarism checker will provide you the sources from your article is matching. You can use these sources and cite them properly in your assignment that will save you from the consequences of plagiarism.

3.        Comprehensive plagiarism report

Plagiarism detector highlights plagiarized content to provide a comprehensive report to students for better understanding. Plagiarism checker software provides the facility to download generated resultant reports for future use.


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