Top 5 Tips on How to Succeed in College English Class

Studies and education are very important if a person wants to succeed in this world. However, it is not always easy and requires a lot of hard work, dedication, along with useful tips. As high school English students, English courses can be a challenge at times, particularly when it isn’t your best subject – not everyone likes Charles Dickens or Shakespeare.

In this article, we will tell you some very easy things that you can do and improve your chance of getting an excellent grade in your college English courses. If you get off on the right foot and improve your reading skills with the passage of time, you will be able to achieve your goals easily.

Here are some tips for success in your English course and classes!

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  1. Use Online Resources

We live in a technologically advanced age. We no longer have to leave the comfort of our homes, go to a library and read the books we are assigned by our professor. Simply download the books, the essays, the plays, etc. and give them a thorough read.

You can easily build up your ability by taking it one step at a time. If you can’t read a book, download an audio version of it. If you find a video or a movie of your required English reading in the class, that would be even better.

Taking advantage of technology will help you excel in every class, not only in this class and in the subject. If you need extra help in writing essays, you can ask for tutoring help from a professional at a writing center online.

  2. Improve Your Writing Ability

Your goal is simple: to excel in your class, both in reading and writing. For succeeding in your English class, start to improve your prowess by writing assignments about something that interests you. 

The topic doesn’t matter as long as you learn how to perfect your writing skills. For a perfect essay, you need a catchy and well-written introduction, good content, and certainly a powerful conclusion. Poorly written essays don’t have quality content and lack proper structure. 

There are several online services where you can buy essay for college freshmen. Read those essays and see how they are formatted. Make sure that you start with a good introduction. Write in clear, concise language and try to garner the attention of readers with the help of an example, story, or quote. 

Make sure that the introduction hooks the reader to your essay. Use logical arguments all through your work. Pick 5,6 main ideas and then explore them in the essay with the help of facts and figures, examples from real-life, early history books, research papers, etc. End it with a powerful conclusion in which you sum up all the ideas you discussed.

   3. Check your Work for Errors 

Even if you have written your essay in the manner discussed above, your essay can still fail to impress the reader if there are mistakes of style in your essay. If you use the same words over and over again, it will seem childish and boring. 

Make sure that you use synonyms instead of repeating a particular word. Moreover, you should never write in an informal manner. The language we speak and the language we write are different. There are various words such as gonna or wanna that you can’t use in your essays.  

Another thing that college freshmen do is that they use passive voice. Even though sentences written in passive voice sound more objective and impersonal, they are usually long and difficult to read. Use active voice in your sentences to keep them clear and concise. 

    4. Keep the Rules of Grammar in Mind

The longer your sentences are, the higher the chances of mistakes. Moreover, even if your sentence is mistake-free, it is likely that a longer sentence will bore your reader, and he will lose his train of thought.

Keep a balance of long and short sentences and try to keep your sentences as long as 20 words. To make sure that your essay is error-free, you need to ensure that it is grammatically sound. 

Review the rules and ways of grammar when it comes to noun and verb forms so that you’d know what a grammatically correct sentence looks like. Study the types of determiners that are used with plural and singular nouns. 

Many people use fragments and incomplete sentences. Without independent clauses, sentences can’t express a complete idea and thought, thus making your meaning unclear. You can either complete the fragment or add that fragment into another sentence to complete the idea.

If you use inappropriate punctuation, your sentence loses its meaning and ends up confusing the reader. Even if you structure your essay correctly and make sure that there are no grammatical errors, if there are vocabulary mistakes in your essay, your essay is not going to be a success in your English classes.

Check your finished work using tools such as Grammarly, Spellcheck, etc. Make sure that you don’t misuse homonyms such as hear and here, hole and whole, etc.

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   5. Follow the instructions of your Teacher

One of the main rules is to follow the instructions of your teacher in the class. It is of utmost importance that you know what the demands of your teachers are from your class. Some teachers focus on reading plays, while others ask you to write academic essays every other week.

If you can’t connect with the English teacher of your class, you won’t be able to understand their demands. Make sure that your essays and assignments are written in a tone that would resonate with the professor. It is not about making them more like you. It is about understanding what they want from your work and then delivering exactly that.

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