Why Writing Skills Are Important in Social Media

In the age of Youtube, TikTok and IGTV writing doesn't seem to be as important as before. People got along with Twitter that allowed only a few sentences and Instagram, where the written text wasn't important at all. So why should we still develop our writing skills to be successful in social media? Are there any real advantages? Yes, there are and let's examine them closer!

Not all people love videos

It might not be obvious, but even in our age of visual content, some people prefer good old plain letters. They may belong to an older generation and just get used to reading; they may live in places with a poor Internet connection and don't want to spoil their mood with laggy and slow videos. They may be at work where they can't play the video loud. They may simply want to read and re-think the text several times in a way and pace they prefer. It's okay for some people to not like voice messages, video tutorials and other things that can be transcribed as text.

Of course, making a video is a (relatively) faster process than writing a text: you switch the camera on and start speaking. But still, to make you sound loud, clear and convenient, without stopping or changing the topic suddenly, you have to train your oral skills for a long time (or be born a great speaker). While you are writing a text you have a chance to stop, read it again, change a few words here and there without rewriting it from scratch. So it's much easier to get a perfectly written text than film a perfect video.

Storytelling is important

You are not writing random things: you are creating a story and putting some ideas into your text. To make an equally emotionally charged video, you have to possess strong acting skills. You need to transfer the emotions and vibes through the camera with your voice, your posture, face expression and pose. Moreover, this the quality content will help you to attract new audiences. By reading SubPals review you may think that the content is not that important in getting promoted in social media, and you will be right. Special services to get more likes & followers can be useful too, but you have to be interesting to your newcomers. 

When you are writing, you have only words as a tool. It is both a drawback and a benefit. Of course, you need to master your words to create an integral emotional picture. But you are free from the need to show emotions on your own face. People's minds will adjust the tone, volume and expressions of their "internal reader" according to what they want to hear. Your main goal is to guide their imagination, and they will become directors of a movie in their head. That's what a great storytelling skill can do. A good storyteller is like an artist. They create something from the simplest parts: pure colors or carefully picked words. And, as an artist, a storyteller needs to have a swift and skilled hand.

Search engines look for text

All those things about senses and stories are great, but the technical aspects are equally important. Despite the search engines now can use images to recognize them and find similar ones, the main element of content categorizing is the text. The appropriately placed keywords and understandable sentences do a lot to show your text higher in the search results. A good description, even when it is only a secondary element to a video, makes this video more recognizable and visible, because people can read a short synopsis before watching the full movie.

Social media internal algorithms also prefer to "see" a good text near a good video. The original and unique content is shown to more people than a bare video without any description. The combination of text and imagery makes advertisement cheaper in most cases, just because such posts are considered easier to promote. A text also can be used to add links and create some hidden advertisement right inside your article.

Writing skills aren't outdated; they are still a powerful tool of creating your own story, mood and brand. They can be very useful, both technically and storytelling-wise. A good copywriter can create a brand, and a bad one can destroy it. So polish your writing art to perfection and grow the perfect story you deserve!

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