“Absolutely. Count me in!”

English Lesson: Absolutely. Count me in!

Your friend wants to rent a house at the beach for a group of friends to stay at. He asks if you'd like to come. You say yes.

Absolutely. Count me in!

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Say "Absolutely" to express that you completely agree with what someone has said.

You can agree with someone's opinion this way.

A: I've always said that you shouldn't hire anyone who you don't feel 100% certain about.

B: Absolutely. I totally agree.

You can also agree to a request:

A: Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?

B: Absolutely.

"Absolutely" sounds even more definite than "yes". You answer "Absolutely" when you're really sure that the answer is "yes".

count (me/us) in

When someone invites you to participate, you can say "yes" with the phrase "count me in":

A: I feel really good about this business opportunity so I was hoping that you'd be interested in investing.

B: Yeah, count me in.

Or you can speak for yourself and someone else, like your partner or friends:

If you guys ever decide to organize a camping trip, definitely count us in.