“Ah! It's nice to finally get a few days to relax.”

English Lesson: Ah! It's nice to finally get a few days to relax.

You've had a stressful, busy workweek. Now it's Friday and you're enjoying a beer with a friend. You tell him how glad you are that the week is over.

Ah! It's nice to finally get a few days to relax.

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English speakers sometimes say this when they have a moment to relax after a lot of hard work.

For example, you sit down next to the swimming pool with your friend, with a cocktail in your hand, and say:

Ah! This is the life.

Note that this “ah” is spoken differently than when we are surprised, or find new information. This “ah” is a little bit longer, spoken like a sigh.

It’s nice to (do something)

You can say this about an activity you have done and enjoyed.

It’s nice to talk face to face sometimes.

It’s nice to have the option to work from home.

get (some time) to (do something)

Use this phrase to talk about some time when you're able to rest, to have fun, to spend time with your friends, or other things that you enjoy:

I hope that we can get some time to do some shopping while we're there.

I got a couple of weeks to stay at home and relax between when I finished my previous job and when I started this one.

You can also use the phrase "have (some time) to (do something)":

We'll have some time to rest in the afternoon before the banquet.