“All baggage must be stowed in the overhead container.”

English Lesson: All baggage must be stowed in the overhead container.

You've just boarded an airplane. Everyone is now on the plane, but people are still putting away their bags and other things. The flight attendant says this.

All baggage must be stowed in the overhead container.

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(something) must be (done)

This is a form that people use for giving formal instructions. It means that everyone has to do this. For example:

Seat backs and tray tables must be placed in their upright and locked positions.

All reimbursement requests must be submitted by Dec. 8th.


The word "baggage" means suitcases, bags, and other things that people take on trips.

Airline and airport employees use the word "baggage". Passengers don't usually call it "baggage", though. They call it "luggage" or "bags" or "suitcases".

stow (something)

The verb "stow" means "put". You "stow" something in a place when you want to keep or hide it.

The word "stow" is especially used on boats and airplanes.

overhead container

A "container" is a thing that you put stuff in. These things are all "containers":

  • a box
  • a tub
  • a drawer
  • a jar

An "overhead container" is the place on an airplane that people can put their suitcases and other baggage in.