“All right, well I guess I should be going.”

English Lesson: All right, well I guess I should be going.

You've been hanging out at a friend's house on a Saturday afternoon. You've been there for several hours, so you feel like it's time for you to leave. You say this to start leaving.

All right, well I guess I should be going.

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There are several uses for the word "well". One important use is to show that you are ready to finish a conversation. The end of a conversation might go something like this:

A: Well, I look forward to working with you.

B: Yeah, me too.

A: See you around.

B: Bye.

Some other examples of "well" used to end a conversation are:

Well, it's nice to have you back.

OK. Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.

I guess (something is true)

Use "I guess..." to express that you've just started to think something. For example, you can use it when:

  • you read the instructions for something, and now you think you can explain how to do it
  • a friend has been trying to convince you to go to a party, and you've finally been convinced to go
  • you've been waiting for a long time for someone to call you, and now you've decided that they're not going to call.

Here are some examples:

Hmm. They're not here. I guess they got tired of waiting.

I guess I might as well stick around and have one more.

I guess so.

All right

This is an expression that people use near the end of a conversation. For example, if you're visiting someone and you think that it's time for you to leave, you can say:

All right, well I guess I should be going.

"All right" can be said in response to something that another person says. For example:

A: Guys, let's call it a day.

B: All right, we'll pick it back up in the morning.

But you can also say "all right" on its own to show that you're ready to end the conversation, even if no one else has said anything.

I should be going.

"I should be going" is something that you say when you're ready to leave a conversation or a meeting. "I should be going" is polite, but it can sound either friendly or cold, depending on how you say it.

You can also say "I should get going."