“Can you Cc me and Eddie when you send that?”

English Lesson: Can you Cc me and Eddie when you send that?

Your coworker is sending a proposal to your boss. It would be useful for you to see the proposal. You ask him to include you on the email.

Can you Cc me and Eddie when you send that?

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Can you (do something)?

This is a way to ask someone to do something. It's appropriate for:

  • a boss to use with the people who work for him or her
  • a customer to use with a store employee
  • a parent to use with his or her children
  • asking a friend to help you with something

"Can you ___" is more direct than asking "Could you..."

Sometimes a person will include "maybe" in this question:

Can you maybe call him and tell him to meet us there?

Can you maybe turn the volume down just a little?

Cc (someone)

Email programs have a function called "Cc" which allows you to send an email to someone but shows that they're not the main recipient. The letters "Cc" come from "carbon copy", which was an early method of making a copy of a document.

You can use "Cc" as a verb like this:

I'll CC you when I send it.

I saw that he CC'd Tina and Marty as well.

A similar email function is "Bcc" which stands for "Blind carbon copy". When you "Bcc" someone on an email, they get the message but no one else sees that they got it.