“Can you copy me on it as well?”

You're discussing an issue at work with your coworker, and neither of you know what to do. Your coworker says that she'll write an email to another person to ask them a question. You want to know the answer too, so you say this.

Can you copy me on it as well?

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copy (someone) on (an email message)

To "copy" someone on an email message means to send it to them, even though they are not the most important recipient of the message.

In an email program, you usually write the address of the people you mainly want to send the message to in the "To:" field. If there are other people who might be interested in this information but don't have to reply to your message, you include them in the "Cc:" field. You say that you "copied them on" the message.

You can also use the shorter form of this phrase, which is just "copy (someone)":

Can you copy me and Eddie when you send that?

as well

"As well" is similar in meaning to "too":

I've been to Bali too.

I've been to Bali as well.

The difference is that "too" is more casual, and "as well" is more formal. You would use "as well" at work with people that you don't know very well, and "too" with people that you're closer to.