“Can you please cut it out?”

English Lesson: Can you please cut it out?

Your little cousin won't stop singing an annoying Disney song, and you need to study.

Can you please cut it out?

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Can you PLEASE (do something)

"Can you please ___?" can be a friendly, casual way of asking someone to do something that they don't want to do. When you pronounce this phrase in a friendly way, you put strong stress on the word "please", and extend the length of the word:

Can you pleeeease help me with this?

If you don't stress the word "please" in the right way, this question can sound angry or annoyed. For example, if you stress the word "stop", this sentence sounds angry:

Can you please stop?

It will also sound angry if you stress "please" but don't stretch out the length:

Can you please shut up?

cut it out

This means to stop doing something. Say this when someone is bothering or teasing you. For example, you could ask your sister to stop tickling you by asking her to “cut it out!”

Or here's another example:

A: It’s so obvious you like Laura! Stop pretending you don’t! Why don’t you just ask her out?

B: Cut it out! I don’t want to talk about it.