“Can you please swipe your card and enter your PIN number?”

You are at a bank and withdrawing money from your account. You didn't want to use an ATM, so you are talking to the bank teller. After you tell him the amount you want to withdraw, the teller asks you this.

Can you please swipe your card and enter your PIN number?

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can you please (do something)

This is a polite and slightly formal way to ask someone to do something when talking to a stranger.

Sir, can you please move to the side and let these other customers through?

With a closer friend or acquaintance, it's more friendly to ask "Could you ___?":

Could you pass me the salt?

swipe (a card)

To "swipe" means to make a sliding motion. When you "swipe" a credit card, debit card, or some other kind of card, you slide the card through a machine that reads the information on it.

There are also other machines that you "dip" a card into. This is the type that you put your card into and then pull it back out.

a PIN number

"PIN" is an acronym which stands for Personal Identification Number. It's similar to a password, but shorter and made up of only numbers.

Technically you don't need to say "PIN number" because "number" is already included in the letters "P-I-N". But people often say it anyway.

enter (something in a form)

When you're filling out a form, you "enter" information:

Please enter your credit card number.

I entered my email address and clicked "Submit" but nothing happened.