“Daniel Day-Lewis gave an absolutely riveting performance!”

English Lesson: Daniel Day-Lewis gave an absolutely riveting performance!

You're discussing a movie with a friend. You've seen it but he hasn't. You thought one of the actors was really, really good. You say this.

Daniel Day-Lewis gave an absolutely riveting performance!

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"Absolutely" means "completely" or "totally". The differences between these words are very small, but "absolutely" sounds a little bit more formal and more educated.

(an actor) gave a performance

When you talk about an actor acting in a movie, play, etc., use the phrase "give a performance":

She gave a great performance.

Musicians can also "give performances".

a riveting performance

Something that is "riveting" is so interesting that you can't look away from it.

An actor's performance can be "riveting". A novel or a real person in a documentary film can also be riveting.

This phrase comes from the word "rivet", which is something like a nail which holds pieces of metal together. When you see something "riveting", it keeps you from looking away or moving at all, as if your body has been riveted to your seat.